Some Rain On The Parade

Every run has been so full of vim and gusto lately, that it’s hard to not let one dip feel like a significant setback.
Planned on an easy paced 22 miler yesterday, but made it through only 19 of them. I ran through the oldest settled part of New Hampshire, along the seacoast, running close to the course of my next race. At only six miles in to the run the heavens quite literally opened. The sky grew so dark that I was wishing for my headlamp. The cool rain was at first a welcome relief, even with the blackened sky, as it led to an abatement from the oppressive humidity. But once the lighting started striking, I did not feel as appreciative. At mile 8 the trees gave way to open oceanfront for the next 5 miles and I decided to turn back to mitigate the chances of being electrified. I took a side street to add on a few more miles, but knew I would need to run a second loop once I reached my car if I wanted to do the full 22. When I got back to the car I was at 19.2  miles, but had no desire to ditch the fuel belt and finish. My legs felt great, my breathing was fine and my last 5 miles were definitely negative splits but my right hip was pinched something furious. Coming over the last small rise to my car I felt it tighten up worse than it has in months. I can only think that with added weight from being waterlogged, my fuel belt had done a mean number on the hip flexor muscles and my right glute and lower back. The full movement of my leg was restricted by the belt for more than half the run. That will be my last run with it, simply does not work for me anymore. The next four long runs leading up to the race will be interesting hydration-wise, but I’ll manage somehow. I’m going to try and conscript a friend or friends with bikes to be hydration support for me, at least on the last two race pace long runs I have left.

Positives to take from this weekend:

  • No muscle pain (other than the hip issues)
  • 19+ @ easy pace did feel easy
  • Maintained pace even in pouring rain, with shirt stuck to my chest
  • Three and a half weeks left to build up fitness before my taper


  • Lingering hip issue is just that and refuses to be massaged away for good
  • Need new hydration plan for long training runs


A little rain on the steadily improving fitness, but the overall outlook still seems positive. I’ve been growing very hungry for the race, so this hip thing has actually helped curb my raucous enthusiasm and train easier mentally.

Labor day weekend was fun, in addition to the running; I drove all over northern VT in search of Heady Topper, spent some time with the rents, watched Liverpool go to the top of the table and enjoyed church with my NH church family.


Obligatory welcome to NH picture, favorite place to spend the weekends.

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