Train Smart! err… smartish. (don’t look to me!)

After some nagging hip pain and an added rest day last week, I went into yesterday’s workout not expecting to be quite fit… and STILL NAILED IT! I was aiming for 15 miles at race pace +10 seconds a mile and I actually ran right at race pace. Started out a little fast but decided to let it ride for the first of my three 5 mile out and backs. After the first 5 I decided to be more conservative, but still felt well enough to keep running close to race and by the last 5 I had enough left to actually surge a little and run a couple under goal pace.
Including warm-up and cool-down I ran a total of 20 miles @ 6:23/mile average with the 15 being run right at my 6:06/mile goal pace. It was very exciting to hit this workout better than I had expected, especially with the training being a little iffy in the preceding week. My fueling and hydration plan was also up in the air, after determining that the likely root of my current hip issue was my fuel belt. I ended up doing the run on a trail I commonly frequent, but opted for the out and back loops so I could snag new bottles of water after each loop. The fuel belt’s bottles were not too cumbersome to run with, though my upper back and arms did get an added workout.

That was the exciting part of this update. The drag is, due to the hip still not being 100% I compensated and stressed my knee and upper calf on that leg. Both are quite sore and slightly swollen. It doesn’t feel like anything serious, but I’m trying to do this properly and have taken today off and foresee-ably tomorrow also. I know to most people it might seem crazy, but taking time off while training this hard is much harder than running through the pain, it’s a huge mental hurdle. It is much easier for me to rest for a few days now, though, knowing that I was able to go under the time I wanted in one of my peak workouts. I’m still far too tied to my mileage and feel like I need to hit certain numbers every week or I’ll be off track, but even with a rest day and one workout cut down last week I still managed 52 miles of the 58.5 I had planned out. This week I’m going to try very hard to ignore the weekly mileage and just let my leg heal. (I’m not even buying this as I type it, this is going to be hard) One day at a time though, I did rest today and did plenty of icing and bio-freeze too.

This week and next are my last two hard weeks of training before the taper! Either the fitness is there, or it’s not, I’ve enjoyed the training so much this time, that I will be content as long as I finish. I really mean that! this training plan was not full length and I changed it all up halfway through, I’m just excited to see what following the Brad Hudson methods will allow me to do in Boston next spring. Boston registration for me is on Wednesday and it has arrived just in time to remove the pressure from Smuttynose!

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