Looking Back – To See How Far I’ve Come

My knee is slowly feeling better, trying to learn as much from this as possible. Made it through day three without running, only the third time this year that I’ve had to go 3 or more days off in a row. Just knowing that I’ve been able to stay that healthy is making me appreciate this year and the training more fully. I still feel like I’ve now wasted such a good base period of fitness, but I’ll have to see what the Dr. actually says about the hip issues that have been causing all the other problems on my right side.

In looking through my journal and studying my last marathon buildup (which resulted in a 13 minute PR) I did find some silver lining .

  1. I had some small injury problems and took days off for them
  2. No where near the intensity that I’ve had in this one, in volume or speed
  3. I have PRed over the 5 mile distance three times this year
  4. I have PRed over the half marathon three times as well
  5. 14 Solid weeks of mid to high 50’s average before this last week
  6. 15 weeks of buildup total last time, at much lower avg. volume

Looking ahead, I still have 20 days to recover from this and work back into some fitness. It is hard not to feel down when you can’t take part in something you love this much, but running is not the most important thing in my life. So I go on, praising God for all He’s done and seeking to learn and grow.

Song of the Post: ~Shake~
By: The Head and The Heart

Clip of the Post:
The Best Prank I’ve Ever Seen


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