Returning From Injury – Stronger! (mentally and physically)

I’ve had a serious lack of inspiration in blogging lately and not due to lack of worthy content. I’ve been training to the point of excellent sleep due to exhaustion this entire week. Full training schedule and cold nights have turned me into a real sleeper again. But between the sleep, running and vacation planning, I’ve become a full time slacker on the blog.

The return from an injury break has been an emotional one, full of ups and a few downs. I feel like every workout has been part of a long slow crawl out of a pit full of snakes, the pit from Indiana Jones, to be specific. I’ve seen a light at the end of the tunnel since the first time I saw a Dr. about this issue, just over a month ago, but that has not made the recovery an easier task physically. The loss of fitness from the zero training period made a serious dent in my current ability.
To give some background, since I don’t think I’ve mentioned what exactly happened, I’ll list a brief history. I started experiencing some serious pain and tightness in my right hip after a long training run at the beginning of September. This spread quickly to my knee and iliotibial band and I foolishly tried to keep training through it, even when the pain did not subside. Eventually my knee became too stiff to even run on and I finally broke down and saw someone. The Dr. told me that on top of the 4 days I had already taken off, I needed at least another week with NO running to let the hip flexor muscles relax as they were flared up something awful. Ten days of rest and a return trip to the Dr. later and I could carefully start running again. I put 29 miles in the first week back and followed that up with a week of nearly full training, but at scaled back paces and slightly shorter distances. I’ve now put 165 miles on the legs since getting the all clear to run again, three+ weeks ago. I feel nearly healthy again, but I still feel like my fitness level is back to where it was in mid summer, just not feeling fast anymore! I am focusing on the positives, because to do anything else is a selfish outlook on the wonderful health God has blessed me with thus far. I had a minor injury and I learned heaps about proper recovery and when to take it easy and when to take a break. My fall marathon goal was ambitious, at best, and at worst, unrealistic, but I was training for it optimistically anyway. Now the pressure is off from that goal, I have one more marathon this year and I’m just about to start my taper for that race. It will be a fun race no matter what, because being able to run at all is what I am appreciating right now.

Tune in to my next post in a couple days, where I hope to put some thoughts down about a impending vacation to Portland, Bend, Montana and all over Idaho and Washington. I’ll soon be running on the west coast, using up most of my vacation time and forgetting taper madness in the mountains!

 Last but not least, GO SOX! World Series bound! I’ll be tuning in from the west coast!

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