Building Blocks to Boston

My body is still on “vacation” and my mileage and speedwork have been severely curtailed, what a joy! For the first time since 2010 I’ve been able to appreciate a rest period. Granted, I have still been maintaining a decent weekly mileage, it has still been quite relaxing. Not scheduling my weekend around a long run makes time for fun trips and events. For instance, I spent this weekend with my sister in NY and had a blast. My off-season will be coming to an end in two weeks, but until then I will continue to enjoy the spontaneity and low pressure runs.

Once I begin again, the training will be 100% in preperation for Boston next April. The goal for Boston is two-pronged, to run the best race my training can possibly allow me to and to raise at least the minimum amount I have pledged to for World Vision. The first part is old hat, train harder, faster and smarter than ever before. The second goal is far more important to me, however.

I have often subconsciously designated charity runners as different than those who run for speed or place. Not out of judgement or condescension, mind you, but just from general experience. I personally had the desire, in the case of Boston, to qualify and run it on my own terms. Rather than finding a charity to supply a bib number, I wanted to run it as a personal goal only. After qualifying and being registered though, my desire was altered. I realized that running for a charity, with no strings attached would enable me to run the race I wanted, while still doing much more for others. I’m well aware that my previous outlook was rather small minded and these thoughts are probably no big revelation to most, but this is the process I went through. A timely birthday gift book from my dad introduced me to Lopez Lomong’s charity, which is partnered with World Vision and I was compelled to run for them. Below is a brief description of the charity and a link to my support page. Please take a moment to check it out and consider giving. Thanks in advance to all those dear friends and family who have assured me that on April 21st, 2014 they will be cheering us all on in Boston!

World Vision is a fantastic organization that works with local communities in Africa to bring clean water, medical supplies, education and independence to the people. Lopez Lomong is a survivor of the Sudanese civil war and American Olympian. His biography is one of the most amazing books I’ve read. I will happily provide a copy if you would like to read it.

My support page is liked below. Feel free to visit and search for Daniel Button if the link gives you trouble.

Thanks all!!

PS. I will be tagging all Boston buildup and charity update posts with “Boston 2014”

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