Fresh Slate on Training

I’d love to use this post to explain how my next training plan will utilize core/upper body, speedwork and tempo runs to perfectly balance my distance training, when paired with adequate rest days and good nutrition. I have a significant problem to resolve first however…

I still need to determine what that training plan is!!     HELP!?

Historically I have followed two different plans in my marathon training, plans sourced on or more recently a guide based off the recommendations in the back of Brad Hudson’s book, Run Faster. I have never been invested enough in the past to seek out a coach or some kind of interactive training, but I want to build of the past efforts and improve every year! 2013 was the first year that I did not meet the marathon goals I had set for myself and I want to make sure that in Boston next April I will be putting the best possible me on the starting line. I do not blame my training plans for the goals unmet this past year. I have spent some serious time analyzing this past year and recognized what I can change to give myself a better chance at hitting those goals next year. I’m sure I will end up writing a year end recap in the next couple of weeks here, where I will elaborate further on this past year and what happened, both negative and positive.

As for this coming race cycle, I would like to have a solid base of 18 weeks dedicated training, which means I need to start on Monday, December 16th. Before I start training again I will have already put in 2 30 mile recovery weeks and 4 solid weeks of 50 miles avg. including track workouts. This will certainly be the most prepared I’ve ever been physically before starting and so far I’m feeling pretty healthy, too. I’ve been trying not to overdo it, while still maintaining a decent mileage and having fun!

Anyhow, if you are reading this and can put me in the direction of some great training or coaching, I will entertain any new options at this point. I do have the Brad Hudson plan to fall back on as I did not quite give it a fair shake last time through, due to a late start and injuries. I still came within a few minutes of my goal time, despite the setbacks, but as a life long second guesser I feel that I must at least seek out some other options. I would love to find a coach or join one of the great local clubs (I’ve been doing track workouts with Greater Lowell Road Runners, shout-out to a very fun group!) but with my dream of moving out to Oregon still very much alive, I feel that it would not behoove me at this juncture to tie myself down here in MA.

I’ve made no attempt in the past couple weeks to write up anything and feel that laziness and TV are to blame. I have a ton of thoughts swirling around, but have been sucked in to Netflix. I promise to myself that I will get active again with my writing and start working on the book ideas that have been nagging me for awhile. (ha ha, yeah right) I’ll start with regular blog entries, maybe.

Workout of the post – 12 mile tempo run from a couple days ago. It felt great to have the mid 6:20’s rolling off while still being able to chat.

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