Living The Fun Life

It’s been my opinion for a long time that living should take place outside the living room. People should not be dwelling in offices all day every day, or spending most of their lives inside. It’s not just the long slow death from the sitting, or the staring at computers and phones, but the constant lack of motion and adventure, it’s all so wrong. A part of me does enjoy wearing suits and contributing to meetings there is something enjoyable found in the practice of things learned in business school. But if the primary objective and life success is found in the office, the best parts of life are being missed! Twenty-eight years and thousands of great experiences have convinced me, the fun life starts when the office door closes…

My favorite activities since childhood have always involved being outside, from skiing to building forts, inside was a place to stay when you were sick. I grew up in one of those neighborhoods where the kids would all get together and play after school, there were usually 3 or 4 of us, myself being the ringleader most times. I was home-schooled so whenever I finished my school work I got to go out and enjoy the outdoors, a pretty good impetus to finish your work. In my off time from conscripting the neighborhood as my personal workforce in the fort construction business I read about everything I could get my hands on. A well read kid usually has a better base to imagine and pretend from (a mom with a large collection of dress up clothing and a sewing business certainly helps) at least that’s my theory. I started cross country skiing when I was eight years old, my older brothers were big freestyle skiers and snowboarders, but my roots were found in cross country skiing. It was probably the winter sport my dad was most willing to take part in at the time and I was too young to keep up with the older guys. After a few winters of trying to hit jumps on skis with the heels unattached, my parents found me some old downhill skis and it’s been my favorite sport ever since. My dad was a big proponent of team sports and all but one of my siblings have played at least one at some level or another. I first learned to love soccer when my dad coached a rec team and put me on it, another sport I love even more as an adult. I never did do any running in a competitive sense or without a bow or a sword (mom, if you’re reading this, the swords were always sheathed when running… unless it was a running battle of course) but I did do a lot of running up and down the stairs and around the yard and surrounding woods as a kid.

My point in this little historical monologue is simple, outside your office door is a wealth of fun. If you don’t believe me, hit me up for some fun suggestions. I choose to get most of my adventures in distance running these days, but the call of the mountains is stronger than almost any I’ve heard and I’m up for some skiing/hiking/trails or biking at the drop of a hat. (and pending vacation time available at the dreaded office)

The North Face has been using the Never Stop Exploring tagline for awhile and the corresponding ads have triggered these thoughts. I could not agree more with the sentiment of endless exploration and adventure. The spirit of adventure should be encouraged.

Clip of the post:
North Face – The Explorer

Quote of the Post:
“A man who has been through bitter experiences and traveled far enjoys even his sufferings after a time”
― HomerThe Odyssey

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