Back At It


Forgot to bring my ski goggles tonight…

Training has now begun in earnest and as you can see, the weather so far has made it an honest effort. I have about 63 miles scheduled to run this week and I’m still 18 weeks out, this will be undoubtedly be an honest effort until the very end. This training plan only adds on another 25 miles from where I am now at it’s peak, but my plan one year ago peaked at where I’m starting now. It’s new territory from here on and I’m excited to see if my body is ready for it! No injuries to report and only some minor discomfort after a month of buildup. My hamstrings were tight after the hardest track workout I might have ever done last Thursday, but they finally started to relax on tonight’s run. I finally finished my Christmas shopping today and am looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of loved ones in the next couple weeks. It will be a very weird Christmas not spent in NH for the first time in my life, if I’m remembering correctly. It will be both fun and challenging trying to fit in my training around a busy traveling schedule, but I’m sure it will work. I’ll just keep thinking about how boring it will be in January with nothing but running in the agenda if I start to stress over time constraints. Family still comes before running, even if only just! I do have 10 scheduled for Christmas day, but that should be easy, last year I was at the track running repeats and my dad even came along to hit the watch for me!

I’ll make this a brief post as I still have to get some sleep before a busy day of work/holiday party and run group/holiday party. I wish I had some more festive running clothes, but at least the work party can be supplemented with a green blazer and a tacky tie. 

Next post topic!
I have a couple posts that I’ve long been meaning to finish researching and actually publish. One of them is titled: “In Defense of East Africans.” As I now run to raise money for World Vision I believe it is all the more pertinent for me to publish why I support many of the East African runners and why I believe their dominance is not bad for the sport. It ties in perfectly with why I am so humbled and honored to partner with an organization that brings fresh water and aid to countries like Kenya and South Sudan!

Please consider a donation to my World Vision goal of $1310, or $50 a mile!

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