Marathon Training Update

I am more than two weeks into training and it’s high time for an update on the progress! After a week and a half of feeling very groggy, I’ve started to gradually adapt to the higher mileage this week. Still no injuries to report, just tired muscles and struggling to stay hydrated in cold and dry winter weather. Brad Hudson’s adaptive running seems to be working great for this self coached guy! This last week has been one challenge after another outside and is scheduled to be my biggest week yet, fitting way to start the year. The way I look at it is, go big or go home and I’m sure not ready to go home yet. (Not sure what that means, actually) Anyhow, here is the training log from the past couple weeks.

12/22 – Progression 12 miles with last 20 minutes @ moderate (6:36 avg. with last three in 6:17-6:10-5:56)

12/23 – Easy/Hills 8.3 miles (6:50 avg) with 6 x 8 second hill-sprints

12/24 Fartlek 9 miles easy with 8 x 1 minute @ 10k-5k pace (6:26 avg)

12/25 Progression 11 miles with last 5 miles @ moderate (6:40 avg) freezing cold in Central Park

12/26 Easy 9 miles (7:09) mileage was really tiring out the legs, felt good though

12/27 Time Trial 2 mi easy + 4 mi @ max effort + 2 mi easy (4 @ max felt sluggish after being in a car for most of the previous day; 6:00-5:59-5:54-5:32) (6:22 total avg)

12/28 Easy 5 miles (6:35)

12/29 Progression 14 miles with last 30 min. hard. It was bitter cold and raining so I started to speed up before planned, but it worked out to some nice neg. splits over the last 8 miles. (6:36-6:26-6:09-6:04-5:58-5:58-5:49-5:44) (6:20 total avg)

12/30 Easy/Hills 8.5 miles (6:42 avg) with 10 x 8 second hill-sprints

12/31 Fartlek 9 miles easy with 6 x 2 min. @ 10k pace (6:31 avg)

1/1 Progression 12 miles last 6 @ moderate (6 @ 7:35 + 6 @ 6:07)

1/2 Easy 10 miles (7:42) Sluggish legs and blizzard like conditions, very low traction even with micro spikes on

1/3 Progression 9.3 miles. 3 mi easy + 3 mi hard + 3.3 mi easy (hard miles 6:30-6:27-6:18) snowy and poor traction

Tomorrow I have planned an easy 6 mile recovery run and Sunday has a 16 mile progression run on tap. I’m hoping the running trail is clear by then, or it could become a brutal snowy sidewalk run.

As I will with most posts in my Boston training, I’m going to finish with a plea for donations to my charity efforts with World Vision, please take a look on this link and consider donating to a most worthy cause. I’ll do all the running and sweating, but I need help with the fundraising!


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