Training Update – Four Weeks Done, Fourteen To Go!

Stayed up late reading Game of Thrones last night and slept in this morning before hitting up Trader Joe’s for a restock on runner fuel and a couple of hours plotting the training plans from today to April 21st. I did manage an easy 5 miler this afternoon in between watching Chuck on Netflix and, well that was about it actually. Very lazy Saturday, indeed. The last couple of days my legs have not felt very energetic and the increased miles felt like they were wearing me down. Running around in the pouring rain today was just about perfect though, felt comfortable averaging 6:43/mile on the 5 while splashing around in the amazing 50 degree weather.

My total over the last four weeks was 258 miles and 286 over the last month. I’ve been geeking out with numbers lately so that works out to just over 9.2 miles a day on average, though my last two weeks have actually been at 10.2 a day average. None of this means anything right now, but I should be able to use it in creating future training plans, if this is a success or not. Anyhow, on to the workouts since my last update:

1/4 – Easy 6 miles that I couldn’t get motivated for and finished with another fun mile running through the snowy woods

1/5 – Progression 17 miles on nice paved trail, only sped up moderately, felt fatigued by the end with no fueling. (6:38/mile avg.)

1/6 – Easy + Hills, 8 miles easy and 10 x 10 second hill sprints (7:00/mile avg.)

1/7 – Fartlek 9 miles easy with 4 x 5 min. @ 10k pace (Avg. pace of 6:16/mile with “on” sections at 5:50/mile or less)

1/8 – Progression 12+ miles, with last 6 @ moderate. (6:33 avg. last 6 – 6:40 total avg)

1/9 – Easy 8 miles (6:46/mile avg)

1/10 – Threshold 9 miles. 2 miles easy- 2 x 15 min. @ half pace- 2 miles easy (6:00/mile avg. for threshold) I was trying to run at a 5:45/mile pace for the threshold, but had to push hard to hit 6:10ish on the first 15 mins. Probably a number of factors in play but it still left me feeling pretty blue about current fitness level.

1/11 – Easy 5 miles. My fears have abated for now after easily coasting along in the 6:40’s at what felt like easy pace today.

Excited and only slightly nervous to see how tomorrow’s long run goes. 18 miles at an easy pace with 12 x 30 seconds @ 5k-3k pace should tell me how I’m doing with long run fitness without killing me.


As I will with most posts in my Boston training, I’m going to finish with a plea for donations to my charity efforts with World Vision, please take a look on this link and consider donating to a most worthy cause. I’ll do all the running and sweating, but I need help with the fundraising!

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