Training Update and 2014 Goal Times!

Well, another week has passed, only 13 to go! Less than two weeks from February already, this is going by insanely quick. First a quick training update and then some running goals for 2014! My last posted ended with my prep for an 18 mile fartlek, so that’s where I shall begin.

1/12 – Long Fartlek 18 miles with 13 x 30 sec. @10k-3k (Total run avg. 6:24/mile) Felt great!

1/13 – Easy Pace 9 miles + 10×10 hill sprints. Ran at a comfortable 7:20/mile pace and felt decent

1/14 – Specific Endurance Intervals 2m easy + 4x6min. @10k w/3min. active recoveries + 2m easy the 10k portions were around 5:45/mile avg. Not quite down to the 10k 2014 goal pace of sub 5:29/mile, but these Tues. workouts have all been sub par so far and it was 100% humidity. I’m thinking it might just be due to my training cycle, with Sunday workouts leaving me a little weaker.

1/15 – Easy 15.4 miles Broke it up between two runs. 5.4 at lunch and another 10 at run group. (avg. somewhere around 7:00/mile)

1/16 – Easy 8.6 miles (6:50/mile avg.) Watched Galen Rupp set a new American Indoors 5k Record of 13:01… insane. Also saw Sam Chalenga set a new PR of 13:04 and Cam Levins brought the Canadian indoor record down to 13:19, too.

1/17 – Took a day off! First zero day in three weeks! I did do some dynamic stretching and a lot of foam rolling etc.

1/18 – Easy 8 miles on some very snowy roads. (7:10/mile avg.)

1/19 – Time Trial 10k 3 miles easy + 10k (5:49/mile avg.) + 3 miles easy Found a nice mostly flat 10k out and back course and ran quite hard, but left a little in the tank. Was about 36:14 total time, and I was pushing sub 5:30 pace at the end. I know I could be under 36 in an actual race. But it’s a new PR none the less, always feels good to PR in a training time trial! Speaking of times I would like to achieve, here is my list of 2014 goals:






1/2 Marathon






















This past week started with some high mileage and fatigue build up, but the rest day and shorter weekend mileage seems to have been the perfect medicine and I’m confident going into the rest of this week that I will be ready to dominate my biggest mileage week yet. A mere 77 is nothing compared to what is still to come though. I filled out my training plan and added up the weekly mileage… looks like I’m supposed to peak at 90+ that’s a big jump from my previous peak being just under 70. The best part with a plan though, it is just that. It’s not set in stone, I can change it as I go. The key is to keep getting faster and staying injury free! 

In other news, I saw more than half my family last night for a get-together with my parents before they move down to Kansas for awhile. Certainly bittersweet, as I have always been in close proximity and relationship with them, but a joyous time with some of my siblings, too. We have a crazy family and I’m crazy blessed to be part of it and to have been raised by the parents I was. Not afraid to share their faults, and always ready to help me overcome my own. That’s it for now.

As I will with most posts in my Boston training, I’m going to finish with a plea for donations to my charity efforts with World Vision. Please take a look on this link and consider donating to a worthy cause. I’ll do all the running and sweating, but I need your help with the fundraising!

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