Training Log Update

I find myself back in the autopilot of training once again. I don’t say that like it’s a bad thing though, training has been progressing nicely, it just means that my blog has been one of the casualties due to lack of time and motivation. I don’t remember the last time I posted a training log snapshot though. With it being 50 days out from the marathon I suppose a recap of the last couple weeks is in order.

Mon 17th- 8 miles easy + 10x10sec. all out hill sprints (9 miles total)

Tue 18th- Scheduled threshold pace workout scratched due to snowstorm (6.3 awful slippery miles)

Wed 19th- Easy pace medium run (13.3 miles)

Thu 20th- Specific Endurance Intervals: 2 mile warm-up 2 sets of 10×400 meter @ 10k-5k pace w. 1 min recovery laps. Ran first set at 1:20 avg. second set from 1:20 to 1:10 avg. Quicker than current 5k pace for the whole workout, but having skipper Tue. speed work I was feeling rested, finished with 2 mile cool-down. Fun running on Harvard indoor track. Thu PM ran easy 4 miles (16 miles total)

Fri 21st- Easy pace 9.3 (6:58) Working the junk out of my legs.

Sat 22nd- Easy pace 6.3

Sun 23rd- Long run at easy pace 22 miles. I felt great after 15 miles and let myself speed up for the final 4; 6:24-6:17-6:12-5:32. My overall avg. was 6:34, I believe.

Ended the week with just over 82 miles.

Mon 24th- 6 easy pace (6:55) + 10x10sec. all out hill sprints (7 miles total)

Tue 25th- Specific Endurance Intervals 3 mile warmup + 6×800 meter @ 5k w/2 min. recovery + 3 mile cooldown. Ran the 800’s a little too fast, around 2:35-2:40 (10 miles total)

Wed 26th- Easy pace 12.2 miles (6:44 avg.)

Thu 27th- Easy pace 7.1 (6:55 avg.)

Fri 28th- Threshold workout 3 miles easy (6:40) + 3×10 min. @ half to 10k pace w/4 min. recovery. Went from 5:46 pace to 5:37 by the end of the 3rd repeat. Felt like a lot more work than it has to run that pace, probably due to the frigid and dry conditions that night. Finished with another 3 miles easy (6:48) (12.5 miles total)

Sat 1st- Easy pace 6 miles (6:47)

Sun 2nd- Specific Endurance workout skipped to get some race prep in on a local 30k race. Short half mile warmup and some strides and than a conservative 6:20 effort for the first three miles followed by a what felt like an effort level just a bit easier than half marathon pace. My overall avg. ended up being right at 6:00/mile, certainly my fastest over 18.6 miles. I also nabbed a new half marathon P.R. of 1:17:21 in the middle of the race. This was a very challenging and hilly course, so I’m hoping that it was a good indicator that my fitness for Boston is on track. Next fitness test is New Bedford Half Marathon in two weeks, where I will be shooting for a 1:16:30. I should also mention that I finished 3rd overall today and 1st and 2nd place were 2:35 and 2:26 marathoners, respectively, talk about some healthy competition! (19.2 total miles)
Ended the week with just over 73 miles.

This past week and the next will be lighter on miles and overall intensity, with a focus on some specific endurance pace work. After the half marathon time trial on the 16th the mileage will go back up from high 70’s to low 90’s before dropping back down to 70ish and then 40 something the week before Boston. Assuming all goes as planned this will be the most solid training I’ve ever done. Scratch that, if something happens right now, this is already the best training I’ve ever put in. 900 miles in the last three months! I can scarcely believe it.

The marathon is getting very close and I am way behind on my fundraising for World Vision. Please, please consider donating to a worthy cause! I’ll do all the running and sweating and freezing, but I really need your help with the fundraising! I’m not very good at pleading for donations or raising money, but this cause truly speaks for itself and I appreciate every dollar given as the work being done in Africa is so badly needed!

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