Training Log Update –Mar. 3rd-Mar. 11th–

The daylight saving time change is killing me, but evening runs have the sun back! The spring forward usually messes with my sleep cycle less than the fall back, apart from rendering me unable to go in to work until 8AM, but it does mess with me. I think by tomorrow I’ll have adjusted with the internal clock though. The last few days have brought spring like weather and combined with the later sun they have made the outdoors feel amazing. Of course par for New England weather, we are looking at a day of pouring rain in the high 30’s tomorrow followed by a day in the low 20’s and snowing. I did my speedwork tonight in view of the forecast, but hopefully the next two days will be the last real winter weather running of the season. That being said, here’s what the last nine days looked like in my training log:

Mar. 3rd- Easy run- 6.5 miles (6:53/mile) + 10x10sec. hill sprints (7 total miles)

Mar. 4th- Specific Endurance Intervals- 3 miles easy + 5x1k @5k pace w/2 min. active recovery + 3 miles easy (11 total)

Mar. 5th- Progression from easy to moderate- 7:10/mile to 6:07/mile, faster than moderate by the end but it felt good (10.5 total)

Mar. 6th- Easy run- 6:39/mile avg. pace felt comfortable. (8 total)

Mar. 7th- Threshold Workout- 2.6 miles easy + 5 miles accelerating from half to 10k pace + 2 miles easy. I started out a little quick but mile two felt good and then I had a hard fall on some black ice at the 2.5 turn around, finished hard in a 5:32 though. Avg. was 5:42, not the 5:39 avg. I had in mind, but I’ll chalk that up to a fall, where I struggled to a 5:48 mile. (9.6 total)

Mar. 8th- Rest day! One of three this year, so far. It was much needed!

Mar. 9th- Progression long run- easy pace for the first 11 and moderate for the last 11. Felt great, overall avg. was 6:24 (22 total)

Mar. 10th- Easy run- 7.5 miles (6:47/mile) + 10x10sec. hill sprints (8 total miles)

Mar. 11th- Specific Endurance Intervals- 3 miles easy + 6xMile @10k -5sec./mile w/3 min. active recovery + 3 miles easy. The scheduled workout had me running @10k +5sec./mile but I felt good and had moved this run up a day, which gives me another day to recover before the half marathon on Sunday. Avg. 5:24/mile for the 6 repeats with the last two @ 5:22. (14 total)

That brings us up through tonight. Last week was a cut down week before I hit peak training in the next three weeks, I ran 68 last week, this week will be around 80.

Thanks for reading, please read the message below!

The marathon is getting very close and I am behind on my fundraising for World Vision. Please, please consider donating to a worthy cause! I’ll do all of the running and sweating and freezing, but I really need your help with the fundraising! I’m not very good at pleading for donations or raising money, but this cause truly speaks for itself and I appreciate every dollar given, the work being done in Africa is so badly needed!

Link below to donate to read more and donate:

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