Boston Marathon Training Update

New shoes, awesome races, and nice weather. Ah, what a past week it has been. Spring is sort of here in Massachusetts, northern New England is still getting snow, but we saw 50 degrees today! I think this was the warmest day yet in 2014, though it was quite windy, I was thankful not to be attempting a quick pace on my run. My legs have taken most of the week to bounce back from last Sunday’s half marathon, last night was my first speedwork since and it took some effort. I ran 1k repeats at close to the same pace as the mile repeats last week and it felt like the same effort level. Nothing feels too tight though, so I’m feeling happy and confident going into my last two big weeks before taper. It seems unreal that I only have a few more high mileage weeks left before the marathon. Only three sets of long repeats left, and the rest of my hard workouts are tempo runs or fartleks, no more intervals! Without further ado, in the typical manner of my training updates I will just list the runs and workouts from where I left off up to now.

Wed. 12th- Easy pace 11 @ 6:59/avg.

Thu. 13th- Easy to moderate pace 11 @ 6:44/avg.

Fri. 14th- Easy pace 14 @ 6:52/avg.

Sat. 15th- Easy pace 9 @ 6:45/avg.

Sun. 16th- AM .5 warmup + half (1:15:30) PR! + .5 cooldown – PM 2 @ easy 7:00/mi avg. (16 miles total)

Mon. 17th- Easy pace + 10x10sec. hill sprints (7.6 miles total)

Tue. 18th- Easy pace 4+4 progression 4 @ 6:55/avg. 4 @ 6:31-6:19-6:09-5:55 (8.1 miles total)

Wed. 19th- Easy pace 12.1 @ 6:45/avg.

Thu. 20th- Easy pace 8.6 @ 6:42/avg.

Fri. 21st- Specific Endurance Intervals 3m easy + 10x1k @ Half/10k pace w/1 min jogs + 3m easy. I started out with some indigestion and it was extra hard to get a deep breath for the first few, here are the splits: 3:31-3:22-3:23-3:26-3:21-3:24-3:20-3:19-3:16-3:14 (13.8 miles total)

Sat. 22nd- Easy pace 6 @ 6:39/avg.

My total miles over the last two weeks were 89 in the week leading up to the half and 72 over the recovery week ending today. I’m so happy that I’ve been able to keep this kind of mileage so far and looking forward to hitting some 100 mile weeks in my next block of training now! That’s it for now, I’m going to go prepare second dinner and fill up for my last 20+ run tomorrow, 24 miles @ easy pace.

The marathon is getting very close and I am behind on my fundraising for World Vision. Please, please consider donating to a worthy cause! I’ll do all of the running and sweating and freezing, but I really need your help with the fundraising! I’m not very good at pleading for donations or raising money, but this cause truly speaks for itself and I appreciate every dollar given, the work being done in Africa is so badly needed!

Link provided below to read more and donate:

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