Marathon Taper II

My beard is finally ready for Boston, hoping the rest of me is as well!

This taper is starting to feel like it truly exists, after a week that saw only a slight dip in volume, I’m actually beginning to feel “rested”. The week started off with some mega tired runs, to be expected after the biggest mileage I’ve ever run in an 8 day span preceding it. Among many of the thoughts on my mind that pertain to running, I’ve decided that a further increase in mileage will necessitate a couple days a week of doubles. At my current fitness level, I just don’t see a way to run more than 90 a week in just 7 workouts. Maybe next time around I will find a way to change that, but popular training philosophy seems to suggest that two-a-days are prudent at levels above this. At any rate, the mileage for my two weeks of taper will look to be about 75 and 55. Just hit 75 over this past week and tomorrow will be a 14 mile run to start things off on the last week of running prior to Boston.

Sun 6th- (Planned) 20 miles @ steady pace. (Actual) 18.5 miles @ easy pace. The higher volume had tired me out a bit and it felt like I needed to go easier. Ran with a friend, over hill and dale, just wandered around until we were tired. (18.5 Total)

Mon 7th- Easy 6 + 10x10sec hill sprints (7.6 Total)

Tues 8th- Fartlek 11 miles with 8X2 min. @ half pace (11.2 Total)

Wed 9th- (Planned) Progression 12 miles with last 6 @ moderate. (Actual) Easy 10 miles, planned on going easy anyway, but miscalculation on the run resulted in only 10 and not 12. Felt a little stiff and tired anyway, so just called it quits there. (10 Total)

Thu 10th- Easy run, 8 miles (8.4 Total)

Fri 11th- Marathon Pace run 2m easy + 2×4 @ marathon w/5 min. active recovery + 2m easy. The MP sections felt tiring and a bit hard to sustain, slightly better by the end, but harder than they should have. Thinking that running slower lately and being a week since last speed (besides fartlek bursts) along with very stressful week at work all added up to make me tired mentally and physically. (13.6 Total)

Sat 12th- (Planned) Easy run, 6 miles. (Actual) 10k, first mile in 6:27 and felt just below easy pace, decided to just drop it from there and change my 14-miler progression tomorrow into a nice easy run. It was a perfectly beautiful spring day and I was running through the birthplace of our Revolution on the Battle Trail in Concord and Lexington, Ma. Next miles went by in 6:01-5:58-5:59-5:59-5:52 and .2 @ 5:34 pace for a 10k in 37:30. I suppose that if it felt tough running 2×4 miles at MP last night but then much easier running 5 at just below MP today, that’s a very good sign that last night was just a fluke. Happy end to the week, even though I might regret running hard(ish) two days in a row a week from the race, trying not to think about that. Onward and upwards, tomorrow’s easy run WILL feel great!

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