Back to the Basics (Again)

Here are my running musings on this beautiful May evening.
I can’t help but fall in love with running all over again on these perfect spring days. Meeting new runners and swapping stories has become a staple of my weekends lately. What an amazing community we have. I’m incredibly blessed, as cliche as that sounds at times, God has seen fit to give me far more than I deserve and far better friends and family than I could even desire.

I’ve been in marathon recovery mode for the past couple weeks and I so quickly forget how uplifting it is getting out and running hard, just for the fun of it. I went out yesterday and ran 11 or so that turned into an unstructured fartlek, I couldn’t resist the urge to push the pace every time I caught my breath. Nothing makes me feel the fun of being a kid again more than running through the woods on an awesome trail and just sprinting and jogging along with no plan in mind. I had thought I would feel good doing 6 easy miles, but was so happy my legs got their spring back on a nearly perfect afternoon for running. Today I did run an easy 6 with a fellow runner I met at EMS, always a good time meeting new runners.

The back to basics title I’ve given this post is in reference to the mindset I always get when starting a new training block. While I might not actually be starting the fall marathon training in earnest yet, I am putting together the building blocks to get that training kicked off right. I’ve found some good core work routines to put in place at least 3 times a week. I know that I was partly lucky more than intelligent in not sustaining an injury since last fall as I’ve been totally slacking on core work and drills. I did do pre-run drills and dynamic before almost every run for the past 6 months, but my post run stretching and rolling was only done when I felt tight. Additionally, I think I might have done serious core work beyond three sets of planks maybe three times in the entire Boston buildup, not good. I did have a great time running medium volume (50-60 a week) for a month before marathon training in this past cycle. I also ran hard track workouts once a week in that month, another thing I plan on doing again. But I will be adding in the core and more dynamic stretching, rolling and drills to get as much strength as possible before I even start training hard again. I have huge goals and big dreams and I’m going to chase after them with every bit of my being. That means being smart as well as strong. I have some new mantras to keep my focused in training and one of them is: Training is where you work hard and racing is where you enjoy the hard work! I want to put in the work, without going quite to the well, or at least all the way down the hole, so that every race feels like a justification of my training. I’ve had three races that were all big break through’s this year PR wise, but they didn’t feel like that, they felt like the speed I was supposed to be running at. I want that belief in my training to continue, as I get faster.

One last picture of Boston. The face says it all, this is Heartbreak hill, is that all you’ve got Newton? I want that feeling in every race, to know I can dig even deeper when the hurt sets in.

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