Second Marathon of The Season

Vermont City One Week Out
I keep telling myself that this next race is just for fun and that I’m not going to go for it, just going to cruise. The reality is, my fitness level feels pretty close to where it was for Boston though and I know this is an easier course… so there’s no way I’m taking it easy on Sunday! This spring I trained to run Boston as my peak race, but due to a couple factors, I decided to sign up for Vermont City also, mostly because it looks like massive fun. Last fall I ran two marathons, using the first one as a long hard training run and the second as my peak race, having been injured in my prep for the first race I went with a backup peak race. I was 3+ minutes faster in the second marathon, also one month later, if I can somehow manage that again, I would be over the moon! That being said, the pressure is totally off for this race, it’s just going to be pure easy fun (easy is a relative word) My taper has become the easiest taper yet, with an unplanned off day today on what would be my last medium length run (14 miles scheduled) I put in my last hard session on Friday and then decided to go hiking yesterday. Between picking a very difficult trail with 3 hours of grueling hiking time and one really hard fall, today was made an impromptu rest day. I’m hoping my knee will have stopped being swollen enough tomorrow to get back out for an easy run and just trusting that it will be healed completely by Sunday. The hike was amazing and I’m glad that without the pressures of an important time goal I can let myself have some riskier fun before a marathon, even if it does hurt sometimes.


Goals for 2014 Adjusted and Accomplished
I was essentially building up for and trying to qualify and run Boston for three years and with that massive goal finally accomplished, everything from here on out is a bonus this year. I had set time goals in every distance from marathon to 800m for 2014. With the training for and racing of Boston, I set personal bests in the marathon, half, 15k and 10k. I was able to best my goal marks by a minute in the full and half. I still have some work to take time off the shorter races to reach my goals, but PRs in almost every distance are making this year feel like the best one yet for running. I haven’t even started training for a fall marathon and I’ve already met my goals… which means the new goals have to be even more aggressive! haha I was planning on focusing on shorter races over the summer, if I met my marathon goal at Boston, but I’m just too in love with the 26 miles to give it up, even for one season of training. I hope to still put in some fast shorter races this year and hit the goal times I was shooting for, but I will be planning those around marathon training. I think with track and field and road running, you should focus on performing best in whatever event/distance you love the most, for me that distance is the marathon. Until the fire has gone out for marathons, I will keep pushing and grinding and as soon as it gets stale, it’s time to switch it up and make it fun again. One of the few perks to training this hard as an amateur in a sport is that I can choose to switch it up with no consequence. If I decide that I want to focus on 5k distance, or even shorter, I can make a new training plan and simply do it. Fortunately, I feel that my greatest strength is in the marathon anyway, so it’s nice that I enjoy it so much! I don’t have the quick turnover and leg speed of some people, or the history of running fast at a younger age, but I can mentally push through some pretty big pain walls. I do need to work on my speed though, if I want to take another 21 minutes and 9 seconds off my marathon best. 😉


Training Since Boston Recovery
May 2nd Fartlek – Stiff starting out, felt awesome by the end. Ran unstructured on sections, with a 5:30 mile even, at mile 9. (11.2 Total)

May 3rd Easy Run + Core- Easy pace run and 20 minutes of core work (6.6 Total)

May 4th Trail Run- Met up with some GLRR guys and ran 14 on trails and road at medium tempo level

May 5th Easy Run + Hills + Core- 4.6 easy pace + 5×10 sec hill sprints followed by 20 min core (5.1 Total)

May 6th Track Workout- 2mi warmup + drills and 2x(800, 800, 400) + 2mi cooldown. Felt good and ran under negative splits. (8.1 Total)

May 7th AlterG and Easy Run- 4.6 on AlterG and 8.5 easy run at run group (13.1 Total)

May 8th Easy Run + Core- Sore hamstrings cut run short (8.3 Total)

May 9th Marathon Pace Workout- 2mi warmup + 10mi @ 5:54/mile + 2mi cooldown (14.1 Total)

May 10th Easy Run- Easy run in first real warm day, felt hot (6.8 Total)

May 11th Long Run- Steady pace long run in the evening, hottest day of the year, so far. 80+f starting out. (20.1 Total @ 6:37/mile avg. neg splits over last 5, too)

May 12th Easy Run + Hills- 6.5 easy pace + 10×10 sec hill sprints (7 Total)

May 13th Fartlek + Core- 8 miles with 8×2 min. at half marathon pace (10 Total)

May 14th Progression- Last 4 neg splits, closing with marathon pace mile (9.2 Total)

May 15th Easy + Core- (8 Total)

May 16th Marathon Pace Workout- 2 mi easy + 2×4 mi @ marathon pace (5:55) 5 min recovery jog in between + 2 mi easy (12.5 Total)

May 17th Hike- Brutal 2:50 of hiking and 6200′ of elevation change (7.6 Total)

May 18th Rest and Recovery- Day off to recover from soreness and swelling

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