Silly Injury and a DNS

DNS-Vermont City Marathon
My last post was written with lots of enthusiasm and the excitement of unexplored potential. This post, a few short days later, comes with all of the somber disappointment of a running life put on hold. I don’t know exactly what this is or how long it will sideline me until I have it looked at again next Wednesday, but for now, I’m a definite DNS for Vermont City Marathon and bitterly disappointed. I do know that my knee is still quite sore and stiff, I know that it was very swollen and had tons of fluid and I know that it isn’t able to be run on at all. I’m not too upset to be missing this race in particular as it isn’t a goal race, but I’m unhappy to not be able to run for Greater Lowell RR in the club challenge or run with any of my friends who are running. I will still be a spectator CHEERING SQUAD and will try to help everyone else racing however I can.

The Injury
I took a really hard fall while hiking on Saturday, bruising ribs and landing with lots of force on my knee. Good news; I was able to continue my hike and then get back down the mountain safely. Bad news; with a mile of descent to go it really started to bother me, swelling and stiffening up, I kept it as loose as I could though and drove home thinking it would be good in the morning. On Sunday I scrapped my planned 14 mile run, just to be safe, and by Monday evening I felt good enough to put in a few easy miles. My right leg was incredibly sore after bearing the brunt of my weight on the descent from my hike, so I was hoping to help it recover faster by running at least 4-6 easy miles. After a half mile of very easy pace my left knee was already starting to feel funny and I paused to feel it out, assuming that it would just take some working out I continued the run. After one mile I knew I was in a bad place and stopped running again, my knee felt like it was constricted and was already starting to swell up again. I’ve never experienced that feeling in any joint before and thus went through every stage of panic and feeling that I would never run again until finally having it looked at on Wednesday. The prognosis isn’t complete as I haven’t had an MRI done or anything, but my ART and Graston guy thinks there is a contusion behind the patella somewhere and between that and the hit that the bones took, it created tons of fluid and swelling which were combining to not let the knee track properly. That made perfect sense based on how it felt when I tried to run. He did some work to help the fluids drain and put some KT tape in place to assist with the tracking and gave me strict orders to rest and ice it. I’ll go back to let him see how it’s progressing and I guess go from there. If it hasn’t improved we’ll know there is some other more serious issues going on. It has steadily felt better the last couple days and the swelling and fluid seem to be mostly be gone, I’m just trying to be positive about it now.

What’s Next
It is very, very difficult to not feel that all of your recent hard work and fitness have been wasted when something like this happens. I’m sure any serious athlete or runner can relate to the feelings of helplessness and lost training. I’m trying to stay positive, because after all, Boston was amazing and my training over the past six months did lead to some big PRs. The only place I’m really not satisfied is the marathon, I know my fitness could have put me a few minutes faster had I raced an easier course on a less hot day than Boston and now I can’t prove it to myself. I guess that is a good sign though, when I’m fully content with my running it’s time to stop competing. I am still pleased with how I raced at Boston, I’m just itching to be even faster. Trying not to think about when I can start training and how long and slow that process to rehab this might be, I am still desperately hoping and praying that I can save most of the fitness I have right now and work back into a good place by the fall season. On the flip-side of that, I know there are some good lessons to be learned right now so I’m trying to seek God. Every time a trial hits me God has used that to pull me closer to Him and teach me big things. I do feel as though I’m am being trivial and selfish to some extent when I talk about it, because I can still walk around fine and my health is still great, but running is very important to me and I really want to improve so much.

8 thoughts on “Silly Injury and a DNS

  1. Considering you read my ART post it’s probably redundant, but I understand everything you are feeling! Hope you’re back at it soon. Though I can tell you after 6 weeks of not running this morning’s run was tough, but not as bad as I thought it would go!

  2. I am sorry to read this. Getting injured is the worst for enthusiatics of fitness! I also have knee problems and I can say it is one of the worst injures one can have, as knees are used in all kind of sports and go through too much pressure in every movement, even walking.
    Keep on! 🙂

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