Keep the Love Strong

ImageWhere I’m At
For as much as I genuinely love the training process, I often want to rush it along. I am happy to be back running every day, but I want to be back to my previous training level right off the bat and it’s hard to temper that desire. The fear of injuring myself in some preventable way is probably the only thing keeping me from attempting workouts I’m not ready for yet. This past weekend I raced safely and slowly and felt the burn to get faster as soon as it was over. The sting of defeat to a group of fitness party enthusiasts was just the icing on the cake. I had a good time, with no speed work and a head cold, but the hunger to get faster is REAL. I have put in two 60 mile weeks now though and tonight’s fartlek was a major confidence booster, finally felt alive again pushing down to the 4:30’s in the ‘on’ sections of the workout. Ear to ear grinning at the end of a decent effort is proof that running is for me.

Where I’m Going
My goals for the rest of this year are in order; giving God glory through my running, staying healthy, getting faster. I know God has a specific purpose for my life and much like my running, I often want to rush that too. I’ve been burning to move to Oregon for almost a year now and though I haven’t found an opportunity yet, I’ve not felt that God doesn’t want me out there either. And so I wait. The lesson could be that I just need to wait and trust right now. I can’t even imagine that God wants me to be toiling away in a cubicle the rest of my life when I so long to be outside and helping people in some way. Deadlines, meetings and sales all fade away, people last; and so I pray that God grows in me a love for my neighbors, stronger and stronger. I pray that my love and hope is evident even as my running improves and that even if my running doesn’t improve, my heart reveals a love for a God and a love for people that changes the world.

Relentless Long-term Forward Progress
I’ve been following the same training plan I followed in training for Boston over the past couple weeks with the end goal of a fall marathon in mind, but I’m still undecided if that’s really what I want. The few years of constant marathon training have indeed made me a much faster runner, but over short distances I’m much slower than I feel that I could be. Though I’m sure I will continue to improve in all areas if I keep safely training for marathons, I am tempted to step down to the half this fall for my peak race and see what I can do in my training. I know that you can’t teach speed, but I firmly believe that you can train speed, or at least how to unleash that speed. One thing is definite, I’m going to train as smart as possible, with form drills, core work and no cutting corners. If I do train for the marathon again, I’m going to shoot for another big PR, if I train for the half, likewise. I need to decide soon so I can sign up for some races before they sell out. Boston registration has been announced, beginning on September 8th this year, it should be day 1 registration for me this time around and hopefully corral one, too. This year needed to be a celebration and I don’t regret anything, but next year will be for all out racing and I’m committed already!

EDIT: Since originally typing this up, I’ve tentatively decided to race some x-c this fall and try something new. I’ll still run at least one fall marathon with some friends. But I’m excited to plan for some fast, shorter, muddier races.

Song of the post:
More Heart Less Attack

Be the light in the crack
Be the one that’s been there on a camel’s back
Slow to anger quick to laugh
Be more heart and less attack

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