No Fall Marathon

It’s official, I’m not going to train for a fall marathon. That news might not be worthy of any fanfare for those who may read this, but it’s very big news for me. Since Spring of 2011 I’ve had a marathon on the horizon every six months or so, but this fall I’m going to mix things up and run much shorter races instead. Considering I originally decided to run a marathon only as a first step in running ultras, the decision to race shorter this fall is just the latest indication that I’ve totally fallen in love with track and field and x-c. I’ll still be running at least one marathon that I’ve already committed to, but I won’t be racing it. For races this fall, I’m going to be trying something entirely new, I’ll be toeing the line at as many of the USATFNE X-C races I can get to and hopefully club nationals in PA if all goes according to plan. I’ve noticed that my passion for the marathon has been lacking ever since accomplishing the goals I had set for Boston and decided that it was time to make a change so I can attack it with fresh desire when training for Boston 2015 starts in January. This means a much busier race season and hopefully the training for it will help me get some more speed for when I do bump back up in distance. My marathon times have been getting better and better, but my 10k and shorter races tend to be quite slow and it’s time to change that!

On a slightly related note, I’m never happy with my marathon training if I don’t have a full, solid buildup and that was going to be very hard to fit in. As of this moment I’m once again taking a few days off to let my hip flexor muscles relax, just the latest in a string of problems since mid May. I did just put in a couple decent 60 mile weeks and felt like I was finally close to pre-Boston fitness on Monday’s fartlek, but with this latest set-back I feel like I need to take it even easier for a little while, thus seriously cutting into my training for an early October marathon. With my base fitness still being okay, I think it’s just another indication that the shorter buildup needed for shorter races is the way to go. Planning for entirely new distances and paces has me so pumped to train again too, something I struggle to stay positive about when being nagged by injuries. That being said, I have no idea how to plan for multiple races in one season, having been so focused on one big race every six months. I suppose I’ll treat them as very hard workouts and plan proper recovery and training in between. The first race I’m looking at is not until September 7th (day of Boston Reg. for those who are counting) so I should have plenty of time to get ready, assuming I can start running again soon. Now, to plan out some training for the summer!

Gonna be seeing a lot more of this in next few months!


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