Run, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Hiking on the 4th of July!

Hiking on the 4th of July!

I’ve had no motivation to write lately, lame way to start writing something, I know. I put together half an opinion piece on the #runlikeagirl viral topic (in support of) but couldn’t find the ambition to draw my thoughts into a completed product. I went for a much needed multi-day hike where I crossed off 5 new 4k+ footers in NH’s Whites to bring my total to 38 of 48. That inspired my greatly, but still didn’t get the writing juices flowing, so here I sit, providing an update on my training. Because, well, training is a thing again. After a few hit or miss weeks of being sort of back at the running thing, I can now say that I’m officially BACK! I mean, back for now, you never know what the future will hold.

Mon 6-30 Easy + Hills 8 easy plus 8x8sec hill sprints
Tues 7-1 Fartlek 10 with 8x1min @ 10k to 5k pace (on sections from 5:30 to 4:40ish)
Tues 7-1 Easy run 5 sweaty muggy miles
Weds 7-2 Easy 7.5
Thur 7-3 Off traveling up to the mountains and then sleeping in car for 6 hours, waiting for tropical storm to blow over. Ouch.
Fri 7-4 Hiking approx 12 miles and 4 4k’+ peaks bagged at a decent pace
Sat 7-5 Hiking approx 12 miles 1 new 4k’+ peak that I mostly ran up and down for 4 miles and back over two.
Sun 7-6 Progression 10 miles with last 20 min at moderate to hard from 6:30 pace to closing in a 5:35 mile

Mon 7-7 Easy + Hills 9 easy plus 8x8sec hill sprints
Tue 7-8 Track Repeats 4×800-800-400 (1st 2:43-2:42-1:15 2nd 2:41-2:41-1:13 3rd 2:40-2:42-1:14 4th 2:37-2:38-1:12) 2m w/u and c/d 12.6 miles total
Wed 7-9 Easy 14.3
Thu 7-10 Easy 8
Fri 7-11 Progression 3.3m easy @ 7:14/mile + 4m hard @ 5:36-5:36-5:43-5:32 + 3.2m easy @ 7:10/mile

So, it’s been a very fun few weeks, got about 64 miles in total last week and I’m planning a long run for this Sunday that should put me at closer to 80. I’m planning on shorter races and getting faster right now, but if the body is ready to jump back into decent mileage, I’m game! As for the eating and sleeping reference in the title, those too have been no joke. My eating stays boss status no matter what, but this week I’ve been getting an extra hour of sleep per night and I think it’s really helped me adjust to bigger mileage.

Sometimes when camping in heavy winds, a little tent wrangling is a must.

Sometimes when camping in heavy winds, a little tent wrangling is a must.

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