Current Training Inspiration

Today is a twofer for blog posts! With the big training update and upcoming race schedule I wanted to also share what I’ve been inspired by lately.

First off, Ben True, just in general. Flotrack recently featured him in their Driven series:
Ben True Driven – Trailer
(If you don’t have a Flotrack Pro Membership, I highly recommend paying, well worth it if you’re a fan of the sport) True states in the feature that if asked 6 months ago what his goal was, he would have said, “to break 13 in the 5000” a goal he almost crushed in a slow starting 5000 at Payton Jordan earlier this year, where he PRed in 13:02. He says that since then his training has come along well and he now thinks that the Bernard Lagat’s American Record of 12:53 is soft… this guy is currently training himself along with his training partner Sam Chalenga, as they coach each other. He gave up being sponsored by Nike with Oregon Track Elite, to move back to NH and train with his college coach, who has since left for a job with New Balance (Now coaching new elite, Abby D’Agostino) True raced the Beach to Beacon 10k on Saturday and with his current form, posed a legitimate threat to the Kenyan contingent. When was the last time a kid from Maine had was in form to take down elite Kenyan’s on the roads? He ended up finishing 3rd, but his time of 27:50 was “the fastest 10K by an American since Mark Nenow in the 1980s” according to Toni Reavis. Wow. Being a fellow New Englander and total average guy, True epitomizes the type of runner I would like to be, just a guy with a chip on his shoulder out to prove that he can hang with the big dogs.

Second piece of inspiration comes from this clip right here, with all of the hiking I’ve done lately this totally inspires me to get out there and grab those last six 4 thousand footers in the White Mountains that I haven’t hiked! I don’t know if I can fit it in this year with all of the racing I want to do and my proclivity for smashing my body on every hike, but I will get them at some point soon.

And last but not least, it was pretty stinking inspirational to get the Boston Marathon Racers Record Book in the mail last week. Including a picture of myself on page 79! I already framed the certificate of finishing time and put in on the wall at work.

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