Hard Workouts and Fall Race Plans

I left off in my last training post looking forward to a 5 miler on July 24th and I’m excited to report that it was a one minute PR! I was actually a little slower than I thought my training would have put me at, but I started too hard and paid the price. First two miles were hit at 10:40 total, I don’t think the clock was totally accurate, but either way, I’m not quite in 5:20/mile shape for 5 miles yet. I did nearly hit a 5k PR though, just 5 seconds off over the first 5k of the course. Despite the sub par pacing, the race gave me just the confidence boost I was hoping for going into some shorter races. I’m going to keep hitting the track and working that pace down as I get some good practice at racing in over the next few months. As far as daily training goes, I’ve been keeping my mileage back up to 11-13 miles a day on average again over the past three weeks, apart from last week where I took three days off for a sore foot. Time off didn’t seem to help it so I started running again (I know, I know) the running felt good though and it’s now stopped hurting completely!

Three weeks ago, total miles 83, no days off, long day was a combo of 11.5 mile run and 12.5 mile hike, including aforementioned foot injury. Two workouts, one track and one progression run.

Two weeks ago, total 68 miles, one day off, shorter miles due to race prep. Two workouts, one long run. Track workout Monday PM (2.5m warm up w/strides, leg swings and high knees. One mile hard, 5:10 + 4 min. easy + 8×400 at 73 average with 200m recovery jogs. Two mile cooldown) Race on Thursday PM (2 mile warmup w/drills + 27:26 5 mile + 1 mile recovery + 1 mile hard -5:25 + 1.5 mile cooldown) Hard long run on Sunday AM (1 hr easy + 30 seconds on/off x 30 came out to about 5.5 miles at 5:52ish pace average per mile with “on” sections near 5k pace + 45 min. easy. 20 miles total)

Last week, total 50 miles, 3 days off. One workout, one long run. Progression run Friday PM, 12 miles and closed in 6:20-6:05-5:47-5:33. Long run Saturday AM 18.8 miles @ easy pace, no fuel and totally dead by the end. Good exhaustion workout, still a little tired on second day of easy running today.

So, with that training update in place, I leave you with my schedule for fall races, through December:
August 10th- Old Home Day 4 Miler Epsom, NH (21:54, 2nd)
August 17th- Level Renner 10k Brockton, MA
August 22-23rd Hood to Coast Relay Portland, OR
August 31st GMAA 15K Burlington, VT (NE Gran Prix)
September 7th GBTC XC 5K Wellesley, MA (XC Gran Prix)
September 14th Lone Gull 10k (NE Gran Prix)
October 4th WMDP XC Festival 5 Miler Holyoke, MA (XC Gran Prix)
October 12th GMAA Half Marathon
October 26th Boston Mayor’s Cup 8k Boston, MA (XC Gran Prix)
November 9th USATF NE XC Championship 10k Boston, MA (XC Gran Prix)
November 30th Warrior Run 2.8 Mile XC Brookline, MA (XC Gran Prix)
December 13th USATF XC Fall Club Nationals 10k Bethlehem, PA

It will be a very busy fall, but I’m going to use some of the races as hard workouts and some of them as peak races (NE XC Championship and Club Nationals, specifically)

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