Level Renner 10k Recap

Race Thoughts:
Sometimes you need time to reflect on how a race went to get a good reading on it, sometimes you finish and are already ticked off at your performance. I’m no seasoned racer, as this was technically my second 10k ever and first on all roads, but I had a plan and I didn’t follow it, that bugs me. I only ended up 4 seconds a mile off my goal pace, but when I look at my last 3 splits and see 5:40 something I can’t shake the annoyance. A positive split marathon doesn’t bug me too much, but a positive split 10k where I hit a 5k PR in the first half is stupid; a conservative start could have saved me in the end. That being said, having miserable indigestion for the majority of the race was out of my control (mostly) and that was what kept me from actually being able to breathe at goal pace. I don’t believe in using excuses like that though. I am happy that I started to feel stronger again near the end (after some good burps… tmi) until the big ol’ hill to the finish nearly induced some puking. I would give my efforts a c+ at best, mostly because I just didn’t stick to my plan, but also because I didn’t buckle down and get back to work once I started to slow, but rather played mind games on myself. A PR is new baseline though, and even though I was hoping to break 34, I only have 36 seconds to go now, rather than two minutes, next attempt will be at the Lone Gull 10k.

Event thoughts:
The Level put on a top quality race, just as expected! The course was closed to traffic, of the automotive variety, plenty of walkers around, most of whom cheered for us. The swag was awesome, 3rd place age group still netted me a sweet mug and athletic bag. The entry price was CHEAP and I didn’t even register early, the post race food and raffle were also top notch. Not only did the Level do the race right, but they attracted some great talent too! I started on the line with Sully (James Sullivan) and we quickly watched 5 or so guys charge up the first hill at a much faster pace than we wanted! I ended up finishing 7th, but the difference in times was immense, then again… I don’t mind being beat by the likes of Amos Sang (63 min. half) and Nate Jenkins. (2:14 marathon) Many congrats also to Sully who set a PR a week after finishing third at the Paavo Nurmi Marathon in Wisconsin. Good to see many familiar faces of the underground keeping it on the level today. 

What’s Next:
Next post will most likely be on the Hood to Coast Relay in Oregon. I’m flying out Thursday to run in the legendary (and original) 200 mile relay from the top of Mount Hood to the Oregonian coast in Seaside. I’m not planning on killing any of my relay legs, but between the sitting in a van and traveling, my legs will probably be shot by the time I get back on Monday. Labor Day weekend I’m planning on racing the GMAA 15k in Burlington, VT, another dead legs from 3 hr+ drive to get there will make that one a challenge too. Now to munch on some Tums or something, seriously, what is going on with my stomach today!?

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