GBTC XC Festival 5k Recap & Training Update

It’s been a while since I provided a training update, so here goes!

I know we’re already more than a week into September, but it feels like August has hardly ended. August has ended though and it was my biggest and most consistent mileage month to date! I put in about 350 miles and only one real long run, kept my daily mileage around 12 and got in some quality workouts, both on the track and in the xc spikes. It seemed to go by easy enough and my schedule did not seem too tight, a good indication that winter marathon training of 15ish miles a day should be doable. My schedule has been built around races on Sundays, XC workouts on Tuesdays and lighter track workouts or tempo runs on Thursdays. The rest of the days are pretty standard easy/recovery pace runs, except for Monday where I add in 10-12×10 second hill-sprints after the easy run of 7-10 miles. Sunday is the only day I’ve been running doubles, tossing in a short easy run in the evening after the morning race.

Since I last talked about training, I’ve run two races, both USATF-NE Gran Prix events. The first of which I detailed in my Labor Day 15k Recap, the second was this past Sunday. The first race in the XC Gran Prix series was hosted by GBTC at the beautiful Elm Bank Reservation in Wellesley, along the Charles. I’ve run through the woods there a few times and knew to expect lots of roots, but it wasn’t really that bad where they routed the course. The race played out in a fairly predictable manner for me, start too hard, pay for it later. I’ve become a much smarter runner in longer races, usually coming closer to even splits now, but with 5k’s I like to live dangerously and go out like a rocket. Since it’s not my chosen race distance, I’m not too worried about strategy and I like to take the Kenyan approach of trying to hang with the leaders and hoping it eventually sticks. This race almost did that for me, my goal pace was 5:20 average and I hit 5:22, despite going out in close to 5 flat for the first mile. It might sound like I bonked, but in reality, mile two had the one significant hill and mile three was half full of roots, rocks and a log. I felt like my effort was fairly consistent and I had enough left in the tank that I could kick at the end. I battled with a few guys over the first mile, two of them ended up beating me, but it was a quick intro to what XC is all about! My total time was 16:38, a time I’m very pleased with in my first ever XC race, but more fun than the time was the confirmation that I freakin loved it! (Article on the race with highlight videos on Level Renner) I finished my cool down and decided that my evening run would become another workout too, 5k is just so far removed from a marathon! I waited a few hours and then started with an easy mile before working down over the next 5k; 5:48-5:42-5:28-.1@ all out.I cruised back to the car and ended with about 8.5 total avg. of 5:59/mile. Legs felt like junk on Monday, but after 6 easy miles (with company for a change, thanks Nick!) and #10x10sechillsprints I was feeling fresh again!

That brings us up to Tuesday’s workout, first workout as volunteer asst coach for the Lasell College XC team! It seems like this will really be a blast and after the first two workouts (again today) I’m starting to get a feel for how I can help out. Going to my first meet with the team on Saturday, will be a welcome distraction from thoughts about racing the Lone Gull Gran Prix 10k on Sunday! After a good workout on Tuesday I was planning on a midweek medium long run last night, but opted to skip it altogether to go out with coworkers and celebrate one of our favorites moving on to new opportunity in Chicago. First skipped workout in awhile, but my legs felt good in the 16 miles of easy running I did tonight. Tomorrow I’m planning on an easy 12, followed by easy pace 10 at some point on Saturday and then aiming for my first sub 34 minute 10k on Sunday!

Almost forgot, congrats on making it through another summer everyone! Enjoy the best season for running and life in general; go eat all of the pumpkin everythings!

Almost forgot, double down! I registered for Boston Marathon 2015 on Monday, right at 10AM! See you on April 20th, Boylston St!

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