USATF NE Gran Prix Standings


I did some quick math after the Lone Gull 10K and it looks like the USATF-NE Gran Prix is very much up for grabs in the men’s open division this year! Without going back too many years to confirm, I can’t imagine it being this close between so many clubs very often. If my math is correct, the top 10 standings are as follows:
Whirlaway – 73
Western Mass Distance Project – 72
Central Mass Striders – 72
Team RUN – 71
Greater Boston Track Club – 71
Boston Athletic Association – 68
Greater Lowell Road Runners – 45
Somerville Road Runners – 45
Green Mountain Athletic Assoc. 36
Gate City Striders – 27

That means 6 clubs have a good shot at taking the title this year with only one race to go. The question will be out there until November 2nd, who is going to show up at the Manchester City Marathon? I like rooting for WMDP (Greater Lowell aside) but do they have 3 fast guys willing to run the course from hell in that NH mill town on the Merrimack? They placed as the second team overall at Boston this year, but the BAA were the team that took that number one spot at Boston so we know those guys can hang. Whirlaway will most likely be without Ruben Sanca as he goes for broke at Twin Cities Marathon this fall, but they could still place quite well. I know the Central Mass Striders have some solid marathoners in their midst, but are they planning on running at Manchester or will they be lured to one of the bigger or faster marathons this fall? As for the two clubs tied at 69 points right now, GBTC and Team RUN, they both bring heaps of speed to the table, but do they have enough guys ready to run a challenging marathon course? As for my Greater Lowell Road Runners, I’m just hoping we bring a solid enough team to beat those pesky Somerville Road Runners and stand as the sole 7th place club. (I personally have not done any long runs or marathon specific workouts and don’t plan on running one again until Boston 2015 as I work on faster turnover, shorter races and XC this fall) I’m never going to say that I am definitely not running a race until the race date has past, but I really hope I can keep myself from running Manchester again. It was a rough experience last year, despite being my highest place in a Gran Prix race to date.

I have heard of a few other top runners from various clubs who are injured or plan on racing outside New England this fall, so it really is hard to predict who will take the club title for the men’s open team this year. My money is on the seasoned runners of Whirlaway staying on top, or a surprise first team title for the new boys of Western Mass. Maybe I’ll come out and cheer in November while sipping a piping hot espresso!

As I thought about it some more today, I realized that there could very well be a battle for second or third place at Manchester to get the necessary team points, that inspired me to at least check the results from last year, so here they are:
1 – Central Mass Striders
2 – Whirlaway
3 – Great Lowell Road Runners
4 – Boston Athletic Association
5 – Sisu Project
6 – Gate City Striders
7 – Somerville Road Runners
8 – Cambridge Sports Union
9 – Winners Circle
10 – Green Mountain Athletic Association
Full results for USATF-NE team and individuals

With those results in mind, it makes the open GP title seem like it really could be down to those two clubs in first and second again! Aside from the BAA there were no other top contenders from this year even in the top 10 at last year’s freezing Manchester City Marathon.

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