Miles and Miles of Training

With no races to recap and no especially exciting workouts to report I’ve been quite lackadaisical with blog updates here. The good news is, I’ve just wrapped up my first back to back 90+ mile weeks with a nice 20 miler this morning. No injuries to report, just a sore upper left calf and right quad, both initiated in a real crappy workout on Thursday. Thankfully, it was my first workout that didn’t feel good in so long that I can’t recall the last one and I didn’t seriously injure anything while running hard in the rain on bumpy sidewalks. So without further ado, I’ll list off my recent weeks of training since my last update.

Oct 6th- Planned easy 8 with 10×10 sec hills. Cut short to just an easy 7.5 due to a couple factors. Previous day’s race and subsequent second workout had aggravated my upper calf on my left side. (Same annoyance that pops up from time to time when I’m doing lots of fast miles, never too bad though and stretching helps a bunch) Also had some plantar pain in my right foot for three days and a blister on my left heel.

Oct 7th- Felt mostly fresh again and got in a good XC workout with the Lasell guys. 2 mile warmup and dynamics, 4X400m-ish hill, hard. 6×400 grass loop, playing last man standing, I finished second which meant that I had 2 more 400 hills to sprint up. Even coaches have to play by the (painful) rules. Finished with a 4.6 mile cooldown for 11.4 total.

Oct 8th- Easy pace 11.5 nothing to report about it.

Oct 9th- Track and tempo workout at Brandeis with the Lasell guys. Ran 1600 followed by mile tempo twice, followed by 800 and mile tempo and finished with a 400. Splits were 5:12, 6:21, 5:06, 6:15, 2:20, 5:58, 1:03. The tempo loop made for 460 of total elevation gain too, so that was fun. With 3 mile warmup and cooldown plus 2:30 recoveries after the tempos meant 13.3 miles total.

Oct 10th- Easy pace 13.1, closing with a 5:50 mile feeling fresh again.

Oct 11th- Easy pace 8 miles in prep for first 20 in a few months.

Oct 12th- 20 miler on the City of Manchester Marathon course, tough hilly run, but okay at easy pace. Probably about a 7:15 average over the first 9 miles, followed by a 6:35 average over the last 11 miles. Overall average pace was 6:56 with about 750′ of elevation gain and drop, according to Garmin data. Felt fresh in the evening and went out for an easy shakeout run of 6.5 but ended up closing in a 5:40 and felt great! 26.5 on the day.

Week ending Sunday October 12th, 91 miles total, including two workouts and one long run.

Oct 13th- Easy run 8 + 10×10 sec hills for 9.3 total.

Oct 14th- XC workout at Franklin Park in prep for the team’s race on Friday. Convenient for my race prep as well! Ran 6xmile on the 8k course, ran the final mile a second time, had 2:30 recoveries between miles and didn’t really go hard until the last mile. Splits were: 5:24, 5:23, 5:24, 5:33 (oops) 5:30, 5:09. Got in a 2 mile warmup with dynamics and a 5.5 cooldown for 14 miles total.

Oct 15th- 6 easy pace at noon and 10 easy pace at night, was muggy and tough slog for most of it. 16 total and first time hitting 100 miles in a 7 day span!

Oct 16th- Still muggy and gross and raining, got a late start on my workout and opted to do 1xmile, 2×800 and 6×600 on the track. Mile pace was way off due to tired legs and weather and the 800s were okay, but it was dark by then so I ran the 400s on the street and at one point stepped off a curb weird and agitated my right quad. Was over this workout before it started and only took consolation the fact that it was the first bad one in awhile and that I still ran 12 miles total on a bad day.

Oct 17th- Ran a mile warmup and cooldown with the guys at their race and walked to a couple different spots to yell support along the course. Weather was pretty good and most of the team had a good day. It was a good sized meet, so it was fun for me to mentally prep for my next couple races being there and that fun cross country race environment! I ran a mildly painful 10 when I got home, with my quad and calf feeling sore. Total of 12 something for the day.

Oct 18th- Easy 10 on a new route from the house, legs were feeling better and I was almost fresh again by the end, encouraging sign with another 20 miler planned for the next day.

Oct 19th- 20 miler around Acton, Carlisle and Chelmsford. Ran fairly consistent splits at a 6:53 average and my quad didn’t bother me until 14 miles or so. Gotta keep up with the stretching and foam rolling on heavy rotation for a few more days and hopefully that will bring me back to 100% in time for the race next week. No second workout today like last week.

Week ending Sunday October 19th, 93.5 miles total, including two workouts and one long run.

I will be bringing the mileage down a little this week as I’m going to try and get my body in the best shape possible for the race on Sunday; Mayor’s Cup 8k XC Championship at Franklin Park in Dorchester, MA. Come hang out and cheer, or race yourself! There are multiple races during the day, including an open 5k, great chance to try cross country if you’ve never done it!

2 thoughts on “Miles and Miles of Training

  1. Wow, I’m really impressed with your mileage! I was starting to feel like a super star just getting up over 40…I don’t know how you have the TIME to fit in 90!

    • Thanks! 40 miles a week still takes a big time commitment, you should feel like a super star! I honestly work 8 hours at my desk job and run/eat/sleep in the remaining hours. If I had any semblance of an outside life it wouldn’t be possible. haha
      I’m at a time in a my life when I can really give running a place of priority so I’m choosing to do that until life changes make me adapt.

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