Big Plans for Club Nationals and Beyond

Was listening to favorite radio station on the way into work (92.5 The river) and heard the Old 97’s Designs On You and it just popped into my head as I started typing this post. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had designs on 2015, but I still have one last ax to grind in 2014 and it starts on Sunday. (For the record, none of the other lyrics in the song, but that line in the chorus have any correlation to this post, just to put that out there)

The USATF-NE 10k Championship on Sunday will be kicking off my final phase of hard training over the next month; as other commitments are coming to an end with coaching, it’s time to fully focus on my own workouts again. The other DJ Bash Bro and I have plans to try and get in as many workouts together as we can to get fully prepped for Club Nationals on December 13th. Sisu Project is gonna show up in PA and be ready to rep New England at the National Level, hopefully with stacked teams from some other local clubs too. I’m not psyched with how my last race went or my last couple hard workouts either, but after taking a day off for the first time in a couple months today, my body is already feeling anxious to start moving again. I’ve been really cranking out the volume with 520 something miles in the last 6 weeks and now it’s time to start cranking out the quality to match that. I don’t know how Sunday will go, I expect to do slightly better than at Mayor’s Cup where I just couldn’t get it going where I wanted pace-wise. But the real goal is in December, one last all out hurrah before I turn back to marathon training and some enormous goals for Boston 2015. I’m done trying to pick goal times for cross country races, I’ve learned my lesson with that, but I’m going to try and finish as high up as I possibly can in these last two races. Placement is paramount with championships and team scoring on the line! Oh… and I haven’t even mentioned the most exciting part, I will officially be a scoring member of Sisu Project on Sunday, which means my placement could actually help a team now! That will be my mantra as well, run for the team and SisuUp!

Short post as I have to get to bed, but two final shout-outs here. First, to everyone who ran NYC Marathon and Manchester City Marathon yesterday, the conditions were brutal, but everyone I know hung tough and made me proud! Second, to the XC team at Lasell, you all made me proud running strong and finishing hard in equally tough conditions at GNAC’s on Saturday, two more races this season to prove just how tough you are! Let’s do this!

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