Ready for a Break, but LET’S RACE FIRST!

Current Thoughts on Training
Just a single hard workout and tempo remain before my peak race of this training block. I can’t say I’m totally satisfied at this point, though I have had a few quick races and my consistency has certainly been there. I think I need to change things around and challenge myself in different ways next time, if I really want to get faster at these shorter races. I’ve been putting in my biggest and most consistent mileage yet and my endurance does seem to be stronger all the time, certainly one big positive as I do still refer to myself as a marathoner! I know that having started running with marathon training, I’m going to be challenged in working against a couple years of long endurance workouts and staying controlled at all times; to increase my VO2 max and fully use whatever fast twitch muscle fibers I actually do possess. Fortunately after the 13th, I have almost six months before I will really care how fast I can run for anything shorter than 13 miles. And that leads me to my next topic, what will I be doing for the next two weeks and what have I been up to for the last two+ weeks since my last post.

Training For the Upcoming Week of Dec 1st
I’m planning on running 4x2k @ goal race pace (5:20-25) + 1k @ all out (Sub 3:00?) in my workout on Wednesday as the peak workout for the 10k in two weeks and then taking part in a glorious and much desired taper before the race. I have a sneaking suspicion/hope that one of the major reasons I haven’t been as fast as I’d like is because I’ve been carrying such big mileage. Friday or Saturday will most likely be my last longer workout as I’ll run an 8 mile tempo and shoot for 5:40-50 pace. With the workouts and easy runs, this week will still be over 80 miles I’m sure, but next week I’ll probably keep it closer to 70, or slightly less. I’ve never done well with big tapers, so I’m keeping some miles in, but will cut short the length of most of my runs and keep workouts short and race specific. I want to put my goal out there for XC Club Nats , rather than just elude to my goal pace. I want it set it in (digital) print, to make it real. I want a PR and I want to have my best race of the year! I’ll be looking to definitively break 34 minutes and shoot for 33:30 range. I know the course is 200 meters long, but I don’t care, I’m gonna try and PR on it anyway!

Training Recap Week of Nov 17th
Mon- Easy run + 10×12 sec strides, 9 miles
Tues- 3 mile warmup, 8x1k w/60sec recovery jogs (3:20 avg.) 3 mile cooldown. First really cold workout day at only 18 degrees. Made the workout feel much harder than I wanted, not a good one. 12.3 miles
Weds- Easy run 13.1 miles
Thurs- Easy run 13.1 miles
Fri- AM 3 mile warmup, 6 @ tempo on hilly and windy route, quite cold too. Avg. 5:42 with a couple stops to cross streets, not great pace, given the effort level I was putting in. PM 6.1 easy, 17.1 miles
Sat- AM 4+ miles hiking, PM 8.2 mile easy run, 12.2+ miles
Sun- AM Easy run 13.7 miles, PM Easy run, 11.4 miles, 25.1 miles
Total of 102 miles and 10 runs, happy with my biggest week yet

Training Recap Week of Nov 24th
Mon- Easy run + 10x10sec hill sprints, 9.2 miles
Tues- Medium push tempo, had to scrap hard tempo plans, when hit with a cold. 11 miles at 6:15 after 1 mile warmup
Weds- Easy run, 13.1 miles
Thurs- Turkey Trot XC 5K, couldn’t quite get it going and ran a 17:00, after fading a bit in the middle mile. Ran a second workout shortly after; 2 mile warmup, 4 @ 5:45 avg, 1 @ 6:20, 1 @ 5:22. 12.1 miles
Fri- Easy run, 14 miles
Sat- Easy run, post bus trip, legs felt like lead, 8.5 miles
Sun- Warrior Run, 2.8 mile XC Race, very challenging course of steep up and downhills, 16:00 minutes (5:40 avg.) About what I would expect with how tough the course is. Followed with another workout, running low on fuel and energy in general an hour later. 2 mile warmup, 4 @ 5:49 avg, 3 mile cooldown. Felt sort of fresh again by the end of the cooldown, but today was a tired grind overall. 17 miles
Total of 86 miles and 9 runs, happy with it considering the traveling and lack of sleep.

Total of 376 miles in November, average of almost 13 a day, total of 1445 in the last 4 months, or about 11.85 a day average, as well as my first couple 100 mile weeks, this has definitely been a consistent fall for running.

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