New Year, New Training, New Goals

Where I’d like to spend more time in 2015. The White Mountains.

I firmly believe that there is something powerfully motivating in publicly stating ones goals. Once they are out there and have been spoken it increases the drive to accomplish them, even if you aren’t necessarily expecting the public at large to help keep you accountable. With that in mind, this post will have two parts; the first one being my statement of 2015 goals, the second will focus on how I’m going to achieve them.

2015 Running Goals

  • First and foremost, I want to cut another 10 minutes off my marathon best. It’s a big goal, but I think it’s well within reach. This means at Boston I’ll be shooting for a sub 2:30 as my A goal and as close to 5:40 pace for my B goal, or 2:28 high.
  • Second goal is to run a half in sub 73 as my A goal and sub 71 as B goal. I know in both the half and full my A and B goals aren’t very far apart, but I’m shooting for big improvements here, don’t want to set easy to reach goals. Obviously I will be happy to PR no matter how big though, to some extent.
  • Third goal is part and parcel with every running goal, DOING the ancillary stuff this year! No more skimping out on core work and strength training when I start running more. I seem to have gotten in a good habit of pre-workout dynamics thanks to XC coaching this fall, so I want to build on that. But add more post run/evening stretching and proper recovery.
  • Fourth, I want to race hard and smart! This fall I only had two XC races where I felt that there wasn’t a ton left in the tank post race, despite “feeling” like I was pushing hard in the race usually. I need to stay mentally focused mid-race and keep pushing. In light of that, I want to stay aware and connected to the race instead of drifting off.
  • Fifth, and again this one applies to everything involving running, I want to be a supportive teammate! I have a great team to train and race with and I want to make sure I’m giving the best of myself back to them too.
  • Sixth goal is for the fall season and no goal times are in mind yet, but I do know that I can get much faster in the XC races and I fully intend to do so!
  • Last goal here I just thought of, and it’s not so much a goal as it is just a nice thought, I’d like to win something. Obviously not in my first few races of the year as they will be some of the most competitive half and full marathons in the country, but possibly in the fall season. I’ve finished 2nd in many smaller races, but I feel like crossing that line first would just give me some big sense of accomplishment after all this work. It goes to show the competition level around New England though, that as a decent runner now, I’ve never even been that close to winning anything above a small local race!
  • Oh yeah, should also plan to eat better too. I’ve become quite good at eating everything over the course of my ravenous appetite life, but if I could actually get some vegetables back into the bread/grain/turkey diet, I’m sure it would be great.

2015 Training Plans

For the second marathon build up in a row I’m going to be following a training plan from Brad Hudson. With one major difference this time however, I will be following a specific training plan from Hudson. Last year I read Run Faster From the 5k to The Marathon by Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald and it completely changed how I was training. This fall I had every intention of putting together a similar plan for Boston 2015, but wasn’t sure exactly how to adapt last years training to my current, much higher, fitness level. Just as I was getting ready to plan out my training and figure out what do, Brad announced that together with the HTS Elite group training under him, he would be offering training plans and coaching for anyone! This new program is called HTS community and you can find all the details by clicking the link in my previous sentence. One thing I will mention here that is especially cool though, the fee is only $75/month and goes right to supporting the HTS Elite group in travel and training costs. Not only are you giving yourself a big leg up on training with the guidance of a renowned pro coach, but you’re supporting other runners chasing their dreams! I signed up right away and am now worry free on how to train for my current marathon goal. I’ll be working with the talented, recent Marathon ‘A’ Standard snagging Kara Lubieniecki, who trains with HTS Elite. Using a great new website, Final Surge, I will be posting my workout details and getting my workouts from Kara and Brad. In case you couldn’t read it in my words, I am very excited for this next step in my quest to keep getting faster!

The other big training improvement from other marathon build-ups will be a talented and motivated group of people to train with! From former teammates to current ones, after being in the area for a few years now, I know a big enough group of people that I suspect few long runs will be solo this time around. As much as running is an individual sport, it is likewise a team sport in the training. Even in my racing this year, we have already put some tentative plans to start out some races together as a team and help each other, at least through the first miles. Cross country season was so fun with this aspect, I can’t wait to have a couple guys to pace with at New Bedford Half in March and possibly at Boston in April. Of course none of this team talk would be complete without once again dropping a link to our page and giving a call out to New England runners looking for a super supportive and fun post-collegiate club. Sisu Project Facebook page. This year will be huge for Sisu Project in the USATF-NE Road Gran Prix and once again in New England XC too, so keep us on your radar!

2015 Non-Running Goals

  • Number one goal as a Christian, to better glorify God in everything I do, say and think. Always vast room for improvement in this one, but God is at work and is faithful and gives grace when I fail.
  • Not shave the beard for a year. Self explanatory. I’ve removed any semblance of manhood from my face just now, but with the purpose of starting out a fresh beard to dedicate to 2015’s new challenges and continued growth. Soon I will be back to this look I hope:
  • Move to Oregon? I still want to get out there at some point. For as much as I love my family, friends and teammates here on the east coast, I still am in love with Bend. My job is secure for now though and I seem to be doing alright at it too and I do have a great support group here, so we’ll see. At some point you just have to take a leap and follow your dreams though, right?

    Run group besties, Makena and Trish. These girls came all the way to Oregon to race with a bunch of strangers! Love them! haha

    In Oregon for Hood to Coast in 2014. Run group besties, Makena and Trish. These girls came all the way to Oregon to race with a bunch of strangers! Love them!

  • Keep up with my blogging and become a better writer. I’ve enjoyed writing since I was in high school, but short of this blog, I’ve never really worked at being better. I’d love to do the research and write some articles on subjects I’m passionate about.
  • Buy and wear more flannel! Nothing is more comfortable, time to phase out my other button-ups completely. Also related; how do I not own a bow-tie!? Fixing this soon.
  • Be a more loving and thoughtful person, this means putting others feelings before my own. Also, not making decisions based off of feelings alone. Rational thought leads to a lot less regret!
  • Read more/Watch less TV. Nothing wrong with throwing on some Netflix during core work and foam rolling etc, but I seriously need to step up my reading game.
  • Drink even more coffee. It’s freaking delicious and makes me feel great. (unless I drink it after noon, haha)
  • Go to the dentist, floss regularly and actually have my eyes checked so I can get the glasses I know I need. Or I could say, just generally take care of the parts of my body that don’t directly affect my running.
  • Finish hiking the 4000-Footers in NH. I only have a few left and it’d be nice to fit that in over the summer if possible. I’d like to maybe take a week off and camp out up in the Whites with day trips out to some of the harder to reach peaks.
  • Another trip out west, maybe to the mountains this time? Colorado maybe?

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