13 Weeks Out! Week Three in Review

Cliff notes: First couple workouts, good long run and miles back up. Feeling good, no, great! Not everything went right this week, but nothing went wrong either. Belief is strong that I’m on the right track.

So, I left off last time with my first longish run of this cycle, 17 miles and closing in marathon goal pace for the last couple miles. It was a little harder effort than I probably should have given, but I was having fun. Today’s long run was similar, except way more elevation change, and kept it marginally faster throughout and still closed hard while keeping the effort at moderate and never really getting into ‘hard’ territory. I’m much happier with this run, even though I was happy with last weeks at the time. Before I go any further though, let me hop back to Monday and properly recap week three of Boston training.

1/12- 10 @ easy pace with 8 hill sprints. Weather was gross, felt a head cold coming on.

1/13- 14 First workout, 3 mile warmup 7 miles of fartlek: 2 minutes hard (current 10k effort) 3 minutes moderate (current marathon effort) What I actually ran due to misreading the workout: 2 min hard/1 min moderate, significantly harder effort, oops. I averaged around 5:50 pace total, just slightly off where I wanted pace wise, but I think my effort level was good. It was just too cold to breathe out there. 4 mile cool down, emphasis on the cool! And oh yeah, head cold officially in play.

1/14- 13 @ easy pace, broken up with a ten minute pause to join run group again. After drinking a gallon of grapefruit juice and coconut water on Tuesday and Wednesday, feels like the cold is not going to stick around long!

1/15- 12 @ easy pace. Tried out a new route, not as long as expected and too cold once again. But head cold nearly gone.

1/16- 14 Workout number two! 3 mile warm up then 7 mile progression (start 6:15 min miles and work down, last 2 miles should be at marathon goal pace or a little faster if you feel good) Felt good during the warm up but a bitter wind kicked in right at the start of the tempo, felt temp @ 4 degrees. First progression mile was already off pace at 6:21 and it was a battle to go down from there. Finally felt a little better at mile 5, with a 5:49, but closing in 5:44 and 5:40 was a lot more work than I wanted it to be. Not off pace per se, but not a confidence booster either when I think of 26.2 at that pace. However, I stuck it out and was feeling good on the 4 mile cooldown.

1/17- 8 @ easy pace. Planned 7 mile run, but Austin wanted to get in 8 for his run and I couldn’t say no to a guy on the come back trail! Felt comfortable throughout due to waiting till the afternoon and not going out in the -10 in the morning.

1/18- 18 @ easy to moderate pace. Four of us were up and running at 7AM, Austin came out for a SISU group run with DJ, Matt and I and it was a blast! We ran up through some of my normal routes which = hills galore; 2k feet of elevation change total. Held a nice 6:50 something average pace for most of it. Was able to close in 6:27-6:08-6:04-5:45 without going beyond moderate effort, 6:45 avg total. Felt even energy throughout and strong at the end. Just goes to show, a mentally tiring workout like Friday is no good indicator of the next few runs; today’s workout felt fantastic.
Tried out coffee with butter and coconut oil with some cinnamon, nutmeg and soy milk added for flavor about an hour before the run. Not sure if it helped by giving me some more fats to burn, or if my consistent energy was just placebo affect or general fitness. It didn’t hurt me though and I’m used to the caffeine from the coffee already, so I’ll be trying it again on a longer run. 2 hours is too short to really run out of sugars to burn for me, normally. I will stick to the plan of a couple gels during a marathon still, but I’m hoping this will complement the sugars nicely.

So that was week three in a nutshell, thanks to Kara and Brad for the awesome training plan and coaching so far! Can’t wait to see what the rest of this year holds in store training with HTS Community and running with SISU Project!

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