Last Night of The Summer – An Evening With Dawes

“Late night drives and hot french fries and friends around the country from Charlottesville to good old Santa Fe
When I think of you, you still got on that hat that says let’s party, I hope that thing is never thrown away
I hope that life without a chaperon is what you thought it’d be, I hope your brother’s El Camino runs forever
I hope the world sees the same person that you’ve always been to me, and may all your favorite bands stay together.”

I’m never going to hear this song now without thinking of the positive vibe and emotions being felt as Dawes closed a 2 hour set with it last night. The song has a whole new meaning now after Taylor Goldsmith introduced it by saying it was directed at us and everyone in the audience reciprocated by singing along and pointing back at the band when the “may all your favorite bands stay together” line was sung. Corny as it may read, after the smiling to the point of laughter at the sheer joy brought on by the sounds they were making, all we could do was thank the band for giving us a piece of themselves. I’ve been to many concerts before, some great, some not so great, but I’ve never had that unique happening where you actually feel closer to the band and everyone else in the room through such a positive shared experience. I know this is a blog about running primarily, but I strongly urge you to attend a Dawes show if you possibly can. You don’t have to know a single song to appreciate it, though I doubt you could walk away without humming one or two of them over the next week. You simply need to appreciate the songwriting greats and you’ll fit right in. From Dylan to Browne, to Paul Simon and Nas, the same lyrical quality and emotion put into every song is truly remarkable from these LA rockers.

A happy first official day of fall to everyone! My lunch run was cool, dry and enjoyable and it feels like the time to enjoy some Pumpkin Spice everything has arrived. Summer was a joy, but my favorite season of all has arrived now.

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