This is a blog about my training for distance events, my unfiltered opinions and my faith in Christ. The title is inspired by the popular automotive blog, My Life at Speed. I used to be a motor-head/garage owner and I’m now a runner.

I started running on 10/10/10 and haven’t stopped since. My first race (and first run over a mile) was a 5k. I chose to start simply out of boredom and basic interest in trying something new. The race was fun, but I knew I could get much faster with some training so I started reading about running and stumbled across books on ultra marathons and trail running and knew I was hooked! Though I was enamored with Born to Run and the long distance feats written of, I decided to start with a standard full marathon before moving on to ultra’s (I foolishly thought that it would not be too difficult) After training for the better part of 2011 I ran my first marathon in October of 2011 in a time of 3:31. Once the horrible pain subsided and I realized that I wanted to run again, I knew that my next goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I signed up for a winter marathon right away, it took place only four months later, and I ended up at the starting line with a horrible cold and fever, managing to finish in a disappointing 3:36. I realized that a BQ time was a lot harder than I had given it credit for and decided to skip a spring marathon and train smarter and harder for another October race and a shot at qualifying for Boston. In October of 2012 I lowered my PR to 3:01 at the Hartford ING marathon and was officially qualified for Boston in 2014! I worked my way to a 2:48 in Spring of 2013 to try and better my corral placement in Boston. Due to injuries problems and some difficult races I was unable to PR again in the fall, despite some of my best training yet and multiple half marathon PRs over the summer. I went from mid 60 mile weeks at the peak of my build up for Sugarloaf, to multiple 90+ in the training for Boston 2014 and the hard work paid off. I got a new 2:39:08 PR and successfully finished my first Boston, multiple goals checked off and even hungrier to chase down new ones. I’m focused on shorter distances for the rest of 2014 and will be running the USATF New England XC Series. Proudly representing the Sisu Project as of Oct 2014!

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  1. Jesus, 2:48? That’s ludicrous. That’s basically a winning time in a small, local marathon. It’s kind of crazy to think about it, but a BQ time for me is just five backbreaking minutes away from sub-3. It’s quite the distant and elusive beacon. One day, perhaps. I still have 3 years to go before the runner’s alleged “peak” so there’s hope yet …

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • Haha, thanks! Best marathon finish I’ve had yet was a sixth place. You’ve got plenty of time to get even faster! And just think, as long as you keep going you’ll outlast a bunch of folks and be winning age groups! That’s my plan, anyway.

  2. Central Oregon!! I couldn’t think of a better place to move, but I’m a little biased. What do you do for work? I’m sure there are plenty of opportunities around here. With that kind of athleticism, you would fit right in!

    • Thanks for the reply! I agree, I’ve been hunting for work since my visit last year. I’ve been working in program management business admin stuff for the past few years. They area seems to be growing fast right now! Total runners dream location, for sure.

  3. I figured out which “Dan” I met on the bus on the way to Boston Monday morning! Congrats to you on a terrific race. It was a ridiculous day, and the headwind murdered me! Now I have to pick your brain on you cut down to 2:39 from your previous times. I would love all of the advice you can possibly give! 🙂

    • Haha, glad you tracked me down. I didn’t want to throw you off before the race, but I knew I recognized you from somewhere! It was probably the toughest weather I’ve run a marathon in yet and really wanted to just can it by about halfway, but couldn’t quit on Boston. The wind felt like it was slowing me from the gun and I just couldn’t find a good pack to roll with, you definitely weren’t the only one!

      As for the drop from 2:48-2:39, I switched training styles and ideas and just put in a boatload of miles. I picked up Brad Hudson’s book, Run Faster, and formed my own training plan based off his book and pretended I was a pro runner just training at much slower paces. haha I’m now getting coached under Hundson’s Elite Community program and absolutely love it! http://www.hudsoneliteco.com/coaching/

      • I would take the heat over Monday’s race!!!

        This is awesome! Thanks Dan! Once upon a time you were a 3:30ish marathoner…Did you break the 3 hour barrier before you got coached by Hudson or after? (I have so many questions, I apologize in advance for wanting to be as fast as YOU!)

      • Yes, last year’s weather seems so nice now!

        You bet, I love talking training! I ran my first in 3:30, thinking I could BQ initially, but nearly dying. (in my mind anyway) I went from a 3:01 to 2:48 just using training plans from cool running. I credit that to accumulation of miles and starting to mix in longer workouts rather than just running my long runs at easy like I did starting out.

      • Yeah, the plans are pretty basic, but I think they work well enough to get you up to that 70 a week range. I actually think their mileage totals are way low though for what they estimate the plan can prepare you for time-wise, at least for me. The reason I sought a different training plan and eventually coaching was that under their plans I found myself stuck in the low 2:50 range and was actually craving more mileage since 70 a week at the peak had become comfortable. I personally have moved away from the super long, long runs that they propose working up to as well and I now max out at 24 a few times before each marathon. I think my average up through my peak weeks in March was around 94 miles, starting out around mid 70s and going up to almost 130; it’s very individual though. I like the higher mileage and my body seems to respond well whenever I’ve increased gradually. my average weekly mileage and peak weeks usually increase in increments of 10 miles for each marathon I’ve run, which seems like a small enough jump that it’s quite manageable. I would highly recommend not going too much bigger than that for each cycle as I’ve only known a few people who could really handle bigger jumps.

        I will say that two of the best changes I made to my training were; incorporating short 8-10 second hill sprints after my easy/moderate run on the day before workouts (starting out with 4 and working up to 12 by the final weeks of training) and the other big one was running long run workouts, rather than just easy pace. Lots of fast finish (last 3 miles at MP or progression in last 3-5 miles down to MP at the beginning of training) also fartleks sections in the middle of long runs and similar workouts. Rather than just working up to super long runs, I start hitting 20 miles on my long runs pretty early into training and try to get a lot more quality out of the runs.

        Sorry for the novella response, I love talking about training!

      • Dan this is seriously the best advice! So helpful! It’s funny that you say that the hill sprints the day before a workout helped-I have noticed the same thing lately with my own running. I also do a lot of fast finish long runs, these have helped improve my running a ton. Thank you so much for taking the time to write all this, it means a lot to me!! I love talking training to and thank god you do too! I will probably have more questions this summer!!

        What is next for you in terms of racing? I know you said you won’t be back to Boston next year.

      • Good luck at Vermont City!!
        I’m going to do the new Nashua marathon on 5/17…It looks like a pretty good course, and it’s abt 10 min from me.
        My running partner was trying to sell me on Vermont City. But- I am too cheap to spend the money on a hotel room! (Racing gets so expensive after a while!)

        I’m also doing Castle Hills half on June 7th…hoping for a 1:28-1:30 time!
        I’ve heard great things

      • Thanks! Same to you in Nashua. I’ve got two other people to split the room with. haha, all about being cheap.
        I’m scared of any race with hills right in the name! I bet you’re on track for sub 1:30 thigh, sounds like you’ve built up some great fitness this year.

  4. its so weird that my last comment to you cut off mid sentence…and I have no idea why!
    Thanks for all the tips. I’m definitely going to keep in touch and might have some training questions for you in the months coming up!

    Would you ever want to do a guest post on how you took off almost an hour from your first marathon to your current PR? I think its a pretty great story and I know people would love to hear it! if not- no worries, I wouldn’t be offended! I just thought I would ask because I think you’re awesome! 🙂

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