Trusting the Training

The good news, I ran over 76 miles in the 5 days I did run this week; the bad news, I missed last Sunday due to plantar pain being bad enough to warrant skipping my recovery run and skipped today’s marathon pace long run to avoid further stress on my foot. My foot has been hurting on and off for a couple weeks, but it usually clears up fine after stretching and massaging it over a couple days of easy running. Rather than keeping that cycle going though, I elected to skip the harder run altogether today since my foot would have been in pain from the start and really sore tomorrow. At some point you just have to rest and even though plenty of people say that all the time, I’m not often inclined to agree. I’m trying to tell myself that resting today is the equivalent of putting that good long run in, because resting is what will prepare me for Boston better at this time, not more running.
I don’t know if someone who hasn’t trained before can understand how absolutely awful you feel when skipping a workout, but for those who have and also have this compulsion to train hard, you know what I mean. I’m trying very hard to appreciate the positives and lack of real injury and just focus on the solid work I’ve put in like the title says. I don’t have a real fear that this will affect how I run at Boston, the race is only 16 days out and the real hard work has already been put in. Today was probably more of an ancillary long run than a real building workout anyway, but when your in the pits of missed workout despair, reality is not much of a comfort. I’m not intending to make this a pity party here, so I’ll move on quickly. Because after all, there IS much to be thankful for and not just in my training. Tomorrow is Easter and that means once again spending some extra time thinking, appreciating and praising our Savior, something I spend too little time on the rest of year. God has seen fit to bless me with great health, wonderful family and many friends and this weekend He has also given me more time to think about that as I’m sitting at home today, I truly believe that.

I’ll leave the training update for my next post, where I’ll hopefully have more training to detail. Happy taper to those who are running in the next few weeks, hydrate well and sharpen that mental game!

Luke 24:1-12 Now on the first day of the week, very early in the morning, they, and certain other women with, came to the tomb bringing spices which they had prepared. But they found the stone rolled away from the tomb. Then they went in and did not find the body of the Lord Jesus, And it happened, as they were greatly perplexed about this, that behold, two men stood by them in shining garments. Then, as they were afraid and bowed their faces to the earth, they said to them, “Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but risen! Remember how He spoke to you when He was still in Galilee, saying, ‘The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and on the third day rise again.'” And they remembered His words. Then they returned from the tomb and told all these things to the eleven and to all the rest. It was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and the other women with them, who told these things to the apostles. And their words seemed to them like idle tales, and they did not believe them. But Peter arose and ran to the tomb; and stooping down, he saw the linen cloths lying by themselves; and he departed, marveling to himself at what had happened.

He is risen!!! Happy Easter!

No Fall Marathon

It’s official, I’m not going to train for a fall marathon. That news might not be worthy of any fanfare for those who may read this, but it’s very big news for me. Since Spring of 2011 I’ve had a marathon on the horizon every six months or so, but this fall I’m going to mix things up and run much shorter races instead. Considering I originally decided to run a marathon only as a first step in running ultras, the decision to race shorter this fall is just the latest indication that I’ve totally fallen in love with track and field and x-c. I’ll still be running at least one marathon that I’ve already committed to, but I won’t be racing it. For races this fall, I’m going to be trying something entirely new, I’ll be toeing the line at as many of the USATFNE X-C races I can get to and hopefully club nationals in PA if all goes according to plan. I’ve noticed that my passion for the marathon has been lacking ever since accomplishing the goals I had set for Boston and decided that it was time to make a change so I can attack it with fresh desire when training for Boston 2015 starts in January. This means a much busier race season and hopefully the training for it will help me get some more speed for when I do bump back up in distance. My marathon times have been getting better and better, but my 10k and shorter races tend to be quite slow and it’s time to change that!

On a slightly related note, I’m never happy with my marathon training if I don’t have a full, solid buildup and that was going to be very hard to fit in. As of this moment I’m once again taking a few days off to let my hip flexor muscles relax, just the latest in a string of problems since mid May. I did just put in a couple decent 60 mile weeks and felt like I was finally close to pre-Boston fitness on Monday’s fartlek, but with this latest set-back I feel like I need to take it even easier for a little while, thus seriously cutting into my training for an early October marathon. With my base fitness still being okay, I think it’s just another indication that the shorter buildup needed for shorter races is the way to go. Planning for entirely new distances and paces has me so pumped to train again too, something I struggle to stay positive about when being nagged by injuries. That being said, I have no idea how to plan for multiple races in one season, having been so focused on one big race every six months. I suppose I’ll treat them as very hard workouts and plan proper recovery and training in between. The first race I’m looking at is not until September 7th (day of Boston Reg. for those who are counting) so I should have plenty of time to get ready, assuming I can start running again soon. Now, to plan out some training for the summer!

Gonna be seeing a lot more of this in next few months!


Returning From Injury!

First off, I’m so thankful that this injury only sidelined me for three weeks, it seemed much more serious initially. Second, I’ve practiced actually resting completely and hope I can remember this lesson next time something happens. Third, I have fallen back in love with running immediately.

I was given the all clear to try a run last Wednesday, in the hope that some easy running might aid in the draining of fluid from my knee. I made it through a couple miles and felt no pain or discomfort, so I tried again the next day and managed four easy miles. Fluid was mostly gone and no pain either, so after resting Friday I went out for 10k on Saturday, with some pickups and faster sections and ended up running too hard at a 6:25 average pace. It just felt too good to slow down! I ran another four easy miles Sat night and still felt no pain, tentatively started thinking, “I’m back!” Sunday seemed like a good day to take it easy again so I skipped running and did a brutal core session. I had been doing core almost every other day while I wasn’t running, mixing up it up with 30 minutes of Greg McMillan’s and Lauren Fleshman’s favorite exercises. Fleshman has some seriously sexy abs and by sexy, I mean tough as nails and well conditioned! (McMillan’s Core Workout – Lauren Fleshman’s Favorite Moves) After taking Sunday off I got back to it Monday with 6 easy miles and 4×10 second hill sprints, the hills felt especially good and my legs felt much better on the 10 I ran Tuesday, followed by core. Wednesday was an easy 7 and Thursday another 7 + 5×10 sec hill sprints followed by core again. Friday I ran 8.5 and picked it up over the last mile, running a 6:01, smiling the whole run! Today was a comfortable 6.3 as I get myself prepared for a fun 5 mile race tomorrow. As a final note on my first week back to running; I have been very carefully paying attention to what my body says after and during every run, training my mind to be more aware of pain signals and when they are telling me I need to stop. After a few years of telling myself to push through any pain I feel while running, it’s been a critical area for me to work on and relates to my summer training goal of being mentally in better shape than ever before.

I have been telling myself all week, that pending swelling and/or pain, I will line up for the 5-miler tomorrow with no time goal and just hope to make it through and have fun. Thankfully, that is still my goal, everything feels great and I can’t wait to kick off solid training once again with a USATF-NE Gran Prix race. I’d love to be more fit going in and try to place for my club, but with no speedwork in a month and only one week of easy runs, I’ll be very happy to go sub 30 minutes. (Not a goal, just speculation on current fitness!) My watch is conveniently broken so I will be racing purely by feel, no doubt the better approach when so recently returned to running anyway. Speaking of Gran Prix races, I just looked through the individual standings from last year’s Gran Prix and was psyched to see that I had actually made it on there with one point in the marathon last year! Too bad I was still unattached, could have helped Greater Lowell out in the standings, too!

One last topic for this post. Happy Father’s Day to a dad who has shown me how to be passionate about what I enjoy, intellectual in my pursuit of knowledge and above all, desiring of giving glory to God in all I do! I just read this article on How Elite’s Fathers Have Inspired Their Running and though I wouldn’t say my dad has inspired my running in particular, he has inspired my personality in such a way that encourages me to run. He was a college basketball coach and athletic director and a various times a high school basketball and soccer coach or referee. His favorite sport has to be basketball, but he’ll watch football, soccer and baseball too. He puts up with my excited ramblings of pro runner’s accomplishments and my favorite Americans and who’s up and coming, as long as I let him respond with some exciting basketball news. We shared very little in interests when I was growing up and though I often wonder what my life would be like had I started running as a kid, I’m so thankful that my dad let his youngest son focus on books, imagination and then working on cars, never pushing me to play any sports. My dad supports me doing as well as I possibly can in my running, but would never want that to be at the expense of my faith, putting God first in everything. We might not share many interests even now, but we both share an intense passion for the things we love and combined with the incredible work ethic and drive of my mom, I’ve been blessed with a passion and drive to fully pursue every goal, as long as consult with God first. I truly couldn’t ask for better parents, so Happy Father’s Day dad, wish we could all be together!

Silly Injury and a DNS

DNS-Vermont City Marathon
My last post was written with lots of enthusiasm and the excitement of unexplored potential. This post, a few short days later, comes with all of the somber disappointment of a running life put on hold. I don’t know exactly what this is or how long it will sideline me until I have it looked at again next Wednesday, but for now, I’m a definite DNS for Vermont City Marathon and bitterly disappointed. I do know that my knee is still quite sore and stiff, I know that it was very swollen and had tons of fluid and I know that it isn’t able to be run on at all. I’m not too upset to be missing this race in particular as it isn’t a goal race, but I’m unhappy to not be able to run for Greater Lowell RR in the club challenge or run with any of my friends who are running. I will still be a spectator CHEERING SQUAD and will try to help everyone else racing however I can.

The Injury
I took a really hard fall while hiking on Saturday, bruising ribs and landing with lots of force on my knee. Good news; I was able to continue my hike and then get back down the mountain safely. Bad news; with a mile of descent to go it really started to bother me, swelling and stiffening up, I kept it as loose as I could though and drove home thinking it would be good in the morning. On Sunday I scrapped my planned 14 mile run, just to be safe, and by Monday evening I felt good enough to put in a few easy miles. My right leg was incredibly sore after bearing the brunt of my weight on the descent from my hike, so I was hoping to help it recover faster by running at least 4-6 easy miles. After a half mile of very easy pace my left knee was already starting to feel funny and I paused to feel it out, assuming that it would just take some working out I continued the run. After one mile I knew I was in a bad place and stopped running again, my knee felt like it was constricted and was already starting to swell up again. I’ve never experienced that feeling in any joint before and thus went through every stage of panic and feeling that I would never run again until finally having it looked at on Wednesday. The prognosis isn’t complete as I haven’t had an MRI done or anything, but my ART and Graston guy thinks there is a contusion behind the patella somewhere and between that and the hit that the bones took, it created tons of fluid and swelling which were combining to not let the knee track properly. That made perfect sense based on how it felt when I tried to run. He did some work to help the fluids drain and put some KT tape in place to assist with the tracking and gave me strict orders to rest and ice it. I’ll go back to let him see how it’s progressing and I guess go from there. If it hasn’t improved we’ll know there is some other more serious issues going on. It has steadily felt better the last couple days and the swelling and fluid seem to be mostly be gone, I’m just trying to be positive about it now.

What’s Next
It is very, very difficult to not feel that all of your recent hard work and fitness have been wasted when something like this happens. I’m sure any serious athlete or runner can relate to the feelings of helplessness and lost training. I’m trying to stay positive, because after all, Boston was amazing and my training over the past six months did lead to some big PRs. The only place I’m really not satisfied is the marathon, I know my fitness could have put me a few minutes faster had I raced an easier course on a less hot day than Boston and now I can’t prove it to myself. I guess that is a good sign though, when I’m fully content with my running it’s time to stop competing. I am still pleased with how I raced at Boston, I’m just itching to be even faster. Trying not to think about when I can start training and how long and slow that process to rehab this might be, I am still desperately hoping and praying that I can save most of the fitness I have right now and work back into a good place by the fall season. On the flip-side of that, I know there are some good lessons to be learned right now so I’m trying to seek God. Every time a trial hits me God has used that to pull me closer to Him and teach me big things. I do feel as though I’m am being trivial and selfish to some extent when I talk about it, because I can still walk around fine and my health is still great, but running is very important to me and I really want to improve so much.

AlterG Review

My favorite Active Release, Graston Technique and chiropractic expert, Karson Mui picked up an AlterG the other day and I got a chance to test it out! Though I’m not currently injured or looking to rehab it was really nice learning how it works and getting used to it, should I need to use it in the future.

Initial Impression
I only adjusted the settings down to 70% body weight right off the bat and honestly didn’t feel a huge difference. Having only run a treadmill a few times in my life, I still felt weird just trying to figure out my stride. I’m going to guess that frequent treadmill users might recognize a bigger difference from the gravity reduction, rather than the treadmill itself. That being said, the sensation of the neoprene half leggings and being zipped into a skirt does feel a bit odd, but once you get moving it becomes comfortable. One more thing that is weird is the inability to fully see your legs as you run, not that my head is down the whole time or anything, but it was hard to tell if my stride was a wonky as it felt.

Working the Specs
Once I kind of figured out how to run again I started messing with the settings. I had started out with the display on time so I had no clue what pace I was running, upon switching I realized I was at an 8:30 pace and started cranking it down. (Again, not a treadmill runner, mph means nothing to me) I worked it down to 6:30 pace and set the incline to 4% before I really started going down on the gravity. I worked it down 45% of body weight and really started to feel weird! After just 55% though, the difference became very noticeable. (the lowest setting is 20%) Dr. Mui came in to check out my thoughts, so I figured it was a good time to bring the pace down some more and show off. haha

Still Putting in Work
I maxed out the AlterG they have at 5:00/mile or 12MPH and had the body weight at about 50% at that point. Even with the incline at 3%, running 5 min miles I could still carry on a conversation without panting for breath. My legs are not used to that kind of turnover for a sustained period, but I kept the pace deep below 6 min miles as I messed with the incline and gravity for another couple miles and still didn’t feel too dead. By putting the weight back up to 70% and incline set to 3% I had to do some work to stay at 5K pace (5:18) but it still felt easier than running 6:30’s at 70% did when I first started out. I brought the body weight back up to 80% and had the speed set to about marathon pace, 5:55-6:00/mile, it felt just about the same as running 6:30-40 on pavement. Amazing what less gravity can do for effort!

My Legs Feel Weird!
In conclusion I have one major piece of advice, don’t try to run outside again right away! It felt so weird trying to move, I wanted to just fly, but felt like I couldn’t stay upright when I tried to run. The sensation did go away pretty quickly though as I went right to my run group afterwards and didn’t notice after half a mile. The AlterG at Mui’s is in a basement and having just installed it, they didn’t have any fans or anything in place yet so it did get really hot. Especially hot inside the legging parts if you know what I mean, like, really hot, haha. Other than that, I will be psyched to try it out again when I’m trying to come back from injury or keep my running up with some injuries, or if I just want the fun of running 5 min miles with little effort! I’m sure they’ll have it all set with fans etc too and I heard rumor of a TV even, so go check it out if you’re in need of what the AlterG can do! Also, Mui is the best in the area for just about any other pains you might have, I have many friends that swear by his services. They also have orthopedic massage, physical therapy, and acupuncture experts in the office.


I thought it would be fun to review since I write about everything else pertaining to running in my life. So there you have it, the highlight of my running last week! Other than that, I’m back into full time training now as I’ve signed up for another spring marathon in a few weeks! Eek! Don’t know what I was thinking, but I’m trying to be smart about it now that I’ve signed up. I know another PR is unlikely, but I’m trying to get my fitness back as soon as safely possible so I can at least get a solid sub 3 hour time out of it, should the other factors work in my favor.

And What a Year It Was – 2013 by the miles and milestones.

It’s a prerequisite in the running blogosphere to write end of year reviews, so here goes! I normally hate on these things and poke fun at them, but I have to be the cliché one this year. 2013 really was something extraordinary, full of ups and downs and totally amazing. I’ve gone chronologically with the recap after scrapping my original plan of listing everything by importance and significance.

I got settled into life in Massachusetts by running a 5 Mile race on the first! Found a fantastic Wednesday night run group (Way up there on the ranking by importance list, btw) Made some excellent new friends. Saw my first professional runners up close in the indoor circuit. I took some time off to prepare for the next marathon cycle. Signed up for my first ultra (promptly bailed on it when the time came though and ran my fastest road marathon yet)

I bought my first race flats. Started training for spring marathon. I met and fell for a wonderful girl. I fell in love with running all over again too as I ran 212 miles in the month. Ran a 20 mile race in ice and sleet on an island and made many trips to NH. Got lost on a long run… ended up running 27 miles that day, oops. Saw the Lumineers for the second time and they were even better!!

Continued a high weekly mileage volume and started the month off with a super-fast 3 mile race, also truly learned the joy of running with someone else, many times over. I did ignore some nagging injuries that should have been dealt with (It wasn’t all fun this year 😦 ) I did finish in 2nd place in a ¼ marathon on a challenging course. I spent a lot of time in prayer and reading the Bible, as well.

How can I even recap April with any proper justice, it certainly deserves a post of its own, I will simply make an attempt. The month started with the welcome warmth of spring and boundless joy on every run. I started making a better work of my recovery sessions and running my ‘easy runs’ at an easier pace and managed my longest training run yet, a 50k training run. April 15th 2013 will not easily be forgotten, nor should it. As evidenced by being the most searched for thing on Google this past year, the whole country took it as a shock, tragedy and horror. I watched the marathon from the halfway point and still vividly remember the events of that day and nearly every detail, I’ll leave that for some other time though. Between sustaining my first 60+ mile weeks I also saw The Milk Carton Kids in April, second time and just as good!

Marathon madness for me! I ran Sugarloaf marathon and came away with a 6th overall and a big shiny new personal best as well as a nifty ceramic plate for taking first in age group! The last few weeks of training were typically underwhelming, but the race went well and I was very happy with the result. Vacationed in Maine and NH and had a blast. The month did end with a mutual breakup… and thus my summer began, full of questions and learning.

This will be the shortest recap as June was indeed the most boring month of the year for me. I started the month with a much needed multi-day hike with some good friends. I selected a fall marathon, chose a new training plan and started training. I did do a lot of reading, running/coaching focused and otherwise. The One Run for Boston came through on a muggy June 30th and was an excellent experience, full of positivity and resilience!

Started the month with injuries and the dreaded visit to a Dr. I only needed a week off  though and was able to rebound fairly quick. Saw the Bosstones! Ran a fast half-marathon on a very hot day and came in 2nd overall! In keeping with the year theme, the half-marathon was a PR, too. I really started using the adaptive running style advocated by Brad Hudson of the Performance Training Group and enjoyed a relaxed but focused training period.

Learned to embrace running in heat, no really, I didn’t hate every single run this summer. I had a good guy’s weekend in Portsmouth with K-West and Shirley Temple, always a highlight. Hit my “older 20’s” officially and instantly felt older. I finally bought a Garmin, life changing! Ran another half-marathon as a spec test for my fall race and came away with a big PR on a course with 2k’ of elevation gain! I finished the month with an epic quest for Heady Topper all over VT. Mmm… Heady Topper…

INJURIES! My first real injury and subsequent recovery time happened in September. Remember that lack of rest and proper recovery I mentioned back in March? No? Well, at any rate, my hip had been a problem off and on all year and it finally flared up so bad that I needed a couple weeks off completely and a few good ART sessions. Got in about a week of easy running again by the end of the month to prep for a now goal-less fall marathon. I learned the joys of proper recovery and back up races, too.

I ran a 2:54:30 marathon in some rain after a week and a half of training coming off injury. Got beat by my friend and still managed 7th place though. All sorts of lessons were learned on that one, most importantly, how to run a marathon just for fun and finishing. I made good memories all month with good running friends and non-running friends. I worked back up to full training, safely. In October I started seriously considering a move out to Oregon and spent lots of time and prayer on the idea, I also decided to book a trip out there. My good friend, Sam came out to Oregon with me and we spent a week at his brother’s house in The Yaak, Montana, too. The trip cemented my interest in moving west and though it hasn’t come to fruition yet, I’m anxiously searching for a job in Bend, OR. I learned the joy of running at higher elevation and with bear spray in my hand when I was out west and saw a million amazing and beautiful things.

The month started with my back-up fall marathon. The course was absolutely brutal and the weather tried to best the course’s hills for brutality. I ran out of gas worse than I ever have at 20 miles and had to grit my way to the end, my pace was all over the place due to the elevation changes. I was able to stay within 2 minutes of my PR and did not lose heart, just realized that my goals were not accurate for the course and based on my fitness level. I took a short break after the race and did some hiking and relaxing. I ran my first indoor track workouts and first track workouts with a group, something I will always look forward to now! Bounced back fast from the marathon and was able to get back to 50 a week for the second half of the month. Finished the month by Turkey Trotting across some icy fields.

Continued to hit 50 a week and finished a strong month of Thursday night track sessions with Greater Lowell Road Runners. I was able to get a huge PR in the 5k after all the track work and strong base building! Kept my eye loosely fixed on my mileage goal for the year that had seemed so out of reach post-injury, but now appeared reachable. On December 16th I started my training for Boston Marathon and consequently kicked off my fundraising for World Vision. I finished the year with a couple 60 mile weeks and no injuries to report. Crushed the mileage goal for the year by 47 miles, 2347! I’ve now gained 800 miles a year since I started running in late 2010!


I’m sure I’ve missed thousands of awesome, terrible and surprising; boring, fun and memorable happenings. This year was just too much to process at times, but so worth it for the lessons learned. As I wind this post down with Norah Jones quietly cooing on the speakers, I start thinking again of all the amazing things that 2014 will bring. I could not be more excited for this year to begin and though I’ve said that every year for a while, it’s still the truth. The west coast beckons, Boston Marathon awaits and many, many miles of running must be covered. BRING IT ON!

Big props in 2013 go out to my friends and family, both new and old; you helped get me through some very tough times and were a big part of all the good times. The shoes of the year were New Balance for racing/speed-work and Mizuno on the easy runs. Garmin came into my life and helped me with mileage and pacing. Chocolate milk and cottage cheese were the go to post run recovery foods until lactose intolerance barged into my body. Chicken was the go to food, usually in burrito or taco casings and I can’t count the number of new IPA’s that were tried. Well, that about wraps up the shout-outs and honorable mentions, so I bid you goodbye and goodnight, 2013.

Looking Back – To See How Far I’ve Come

My knee is slowly feeling better, trying to learn as much from this as possible. Made it through day three without running, only the third time this year that I’ve had to go 3 or more days off in a row. Just knowing that I’ve been able to stay that healthy is making me appreciate this year and the training more fully. I still feel like I’ve now wasted such a good base period of fitness, but I’ll have to see what the Dr. actually says about the hip issues that have been causing all the other problems on my right side.

In looking through my journal and studying my last marathon buildup (which resulted in a 13 minute PR) I did find some silver lining .

  1. I had some small injury problems and took days off for them
  2. No where near the intensity that I’ve had in this one, in volume or speed
  3. I have PRed over the 5 mile distance three times this year
  4. I have PRed over the half marathon three times as well
  5. 14 Solid weeks of mid to high 50’s average before this last week
  6. 15 weeks of buildup total last time, at much lower avg. volume

Looking ahead, I still have 20 days to recover from this and work back into some fitness. It is hard not to feel down when you can’t take part in something you love this much, but running is not the most important thing in my life. So I go on, praising God for all He’s done and seeking to learn and grow.

Song of the Post: ~Shake~
By: The Head and The Heart

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The Best Prank I’ve Ever Seen


Some Rain On The Parade

Every run has been so full of vim and gusto lately, that it’s hard to not let one dip feel like a significant setback.
Planned on an easy paced 22 miler yesterday, but made it through only 19 of them. I ran through the oldest settled part of New Hampshire, along the seacoast, running close to the course of my next race. At only six miles in to the run the heavens quite literally opened. The sky grew so dark that I was wishing for my headlamp. The cool rain was at first a welcome relief, even with the blackened sky, as it led to an abatement from the oppressive humidity. But once the lighting started striking, I did not feel as appreciative. At mile 8 the trees gave way to open oceanfront for the next 5 miles and I decided to turn back to mitigate the chances of being electrified. I took a side street to add on a few more miles, but knew I would need to run a second loop once I reached my car if I wanted to do the full 22. When I got back to the car I was at 19.2  miles, but had no desire to ditch the fuel belt and finish. My legs felt great, my breathing was fine and my last 5 miles were definitely negative splits but my right hip was pinched something furious. Coming over the last small rise to my car I felt it tighten up worse than it has in months. I can only think that with added weight from being waterlogged, my fuel belt had done a mean number on the hip flexor muscles and my right glute and lower back. The full movement of my leg was restricted by the belt for more than half the run. That will be my last run with it, simply does not work for me anymore. The next four long runs leading up to the race will be interesting hydration-wise, but I’ll manage somehow. I’m going to try and conscript a friend or friends with bikes to be hydration support for me, at least on the last two race pace long runs I have left.

Positives to take from this weekend:

  • No muscle pain (other than the hip issues)
  • 19+ @ easy pace did feel easy
  • Maintained pace even in pouring rain, with shirt stuck to my chest
  • Three and a half weeks left to build up fitness before my taper


  • Lingering hip issue is just that and refuses to be massaged away for good
  • Need new hydration plan for long training runs


A little rain on the steadily improving fitness, but the overall outlook still seems positive. I’ve been growing very hungry for the race, so this hip thing has actually helped curb my raucous enthusiasm and train easier mentally.

Labor day weekend was fun, in addition to the running; I drove all over northern VT in search of Heady Topper, spent some time with the rents, watched Liverpool go to the top of the table and enjoyed church with my NH church family.


Obligatory welcome to NH picture, favorite place to spend the weekends.