Snow Day – Good Vibes!

I’ve had this silly habit of starting my blog posts with a title, like they are some kind of college paper and need to be composed in a specific manner. This is not a ‘me resolving to change this habit’ statement, I’m only making note of it. For now I can write whatever I want, free form! Today was a remote workday, thanks to some fresh white stuff. Working from home is not without challenges, but the proximity to the kitchen offsets almost any potential downsides. Breakfast was: three egg southwest omelet, French toast bagel and a bowl of blueberries, washed down with Chai. Lunch was a pile of pancakes, peanut butter and syrup and fresh coffee to sip on whenever I wanted it. And while the food perks are well loved, they don’t take top spot in the working from home bennys for me. What is the best part about working from home? Lacing up as soon as I log out and thus getting more of my run finished in the daylight! It led to some great memories today too, trying new roads and dodging plow trucks and feeling like I ruled the roads.

To the guy who stopped snow-blowing in the sleet and freezing rain to clap for me as I ran by with ski goggles and an ice beard earlier, you rock! That act easily made my day and kept me smiling for the duration of my run.

Said ice beard and smile. Hat in the picture was given to me last night, +1 to cool friends and random gifts! The traction was sketchy at best in the snow today and the Yaktrax had a hard time digging through it, but I’m thankful that with all of the snow we’ve had it’s only been truly bad on my easy paced runs so far. That being said, I do hope they plow the crap out of the streets tonight, at least somewhere, so I have a place to run ladder intervals tomorrow.

Social media and the internet in general have been overflowing with good vibes for and from runners the past few days. For such a massive community it’s still so close knit and caring, I love it! All of us have joined in deriding and grimacing over THAT runner from Portland who so braggadociosly claimed that the snow was perfect for running in and then promptly fell on her butt. And for girls and boys alike, this from Lauren Fleshman: is well worth a read. On a more personal sphere, my dad posted a picture of some plane tickets for April today… parents, siblings and friends will all be at the marathon cheering this year. I’ve never not planned on crying at some point during the marathon, but it’s definitely going to happen now. No possible way to contain all of the emotions that will clatter together prior to, during and after this race.

In my next post I will be following a format and title again, a write up of sorts on my newest shoes. Mizuno Hitogami (I Love Them) But for now I leave off with the song that popped into my head when I started writing this. Perfect music for a snowy winter day.